30 Days of Feel Good Notes

Daily emails to remind you that everything is going to be ok and in fact, perhaps, life is amazing.


Do you ever feel disconnected? Like your brain is going a million miles an hour?

Maybe you feel like life just never goes your way.

If you want to change this, it’s not about completely overhauling your life… it’s about changing the way you see things.

Our daily Feel Good Notes will inspire you to do just that.

Every day you will feel motivated to welcome in gratitude, presence, kindness, acceptance and respect into your life.

We keep it simple with our easy to understand life philosophy, inspired by some of the world’s greatest leaders of all time.

Bringing awareness to your mindset will be the most powerful decision you ever make.

Whether you want to welcome in more peace and ease into your life, or feel motivated to go out and follow your bliss… our Feel Good Notes will help you change your life, simply by changing the way you see things.


Over 30 days you’ll receive daily emails sent directly to your inbox.

  • Designed to inspire you to live to your absolute potential.
  • Each email contains a quote that have literally changed our own lives (it will change yours too).
  • Simple and easy to understand life philosophy, with thought provoking messages.
  • With a focus on gratitude, kindness, presence, acceptance and respect, every day you’ll feel uplifted and encouraged.

    If you want to change your life, change your mind. Get access to our daily Feel Good Notes today!


    Here’s how the MerryBody and MerryMind philosophy has already transformed lives…

    I know for sure that incorporating the MerryBody workouts into my life have helped me in so many ways, both with my physical body but more importantly, my mental and emotional wellbeing has benefited greatly. I’m calmer (most of the time), I’m a better listener, I am kinder – not just to other people but to myself, I am less judgemental – again, not just of others but of myself… I am more GRATEFUL. Veronika, MerryBody Member
    My mood and mindset and inner strength have so improved in these last several weeks and I know for a fact it’s because of MerryBody! Tammy
    MerryBody is the first and only exercise program I have ENJOYED and want to keep going on with. I love the support, the nurturing, the love, the gentle movement, the heart pumping movement, the encouragement, the strength, the self-love, the warmth, the fun, the laughter (who doesn’t love to laugh as they lose their balance in a yoga pose!), the innovation, the energy, the recipes, the Instagram feed, the advice, the personal and thoughtful feedback from Emma and Carla and the absolute acceptance that it is okay to be exactly as you are right now. Missy, MerryBody Member

    We’re Emma and Carla, founders of The Merrymaker Sisters (and real life sisters),  health coaches and Yoga/Pilates and meditation teachers.

    We help over 200 000 people every month through our books, App, Online Studio and Podcast.

    Bringing awareness to our mindset was the most powerful decision we ever made.

    By learning to change the way we see things, we’ve created lives we love.

    Most days, we wake up, jump out of bed filled with gratitude and driven to live our lives with purpose. All because we’ve trained our minds to believe it to be true.

    And on the other days, when life is a mess… we find our way back. Maybe it’s through yoga, walking in nature, listening to a good podcast, dancing like crazy, drinking tea with bed socks and best friends, or simply reading one sentence of soul words… just like our Feel Good Notes.

    We can’t wait to begin our 30 days of Feel Good Notes with you!


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