5 minute workout to lift your butt | Low impact, tiny movements.

Yoga and Pilates have 100% changed our lives in the most magical and positive way. We’ve banged on about it on the Get Merry podcast several times (haha, can’t stop and won’t stop). We found a way to workout that not only made us stronger, more toned, fitter, healthier BUT it helped us create loving relationships with our bodies. After years and years of self-hate and extreme negative body image, this was completely life-changing. 

Yes, we did more than just Yoga and Pilates to create this BUT this way of movement was part of it! And this is why we created our FREE 5-minute workout series! You can sign up HERE.

And this is why we did our Pilates and Yoga teacher training. Well, Carla did Yoga and Emma did Pilates. 

You may have noticed us sharing our 5-minute workouts all over Instagram and Facebook?! Well, we wanted to give you a little sneak peek right here! 

You can try out this epic 5-minute workout to lift your butt and then >> SIGN UP HERE to get the other SEVEN 5 minute workouts! YES… you can get your hands on a whole week of FREE 5 minute workouts. 

In this butt lifting workout, you get to lay down! WOOHOOO!

Known as oysters or clams (whatever floats your boat) these movements are perfect for all fitness levels. It’s not about how high you get your knee or leg, it’s all about your control and technique (how much you squeeze everything!). 

Emma will take you through this 5-minute workout and it might not look like these moves could possibly do anything to your body… but we guarantee you will feel a booty burn.

Our bodies are important, we need them to function properly, preferably for a long time! These 5 minute workouts are workouts you can do for the rest of your life.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla