Free 8 Minute Pilates Abs Class!


71% of women we surveyed said they’re most self-conscious about their tummy and mid-section.

These women were of all ages and life situations. From the survey results, there were comments like…

“My tummy has always been my trouble spot since I was a teenager and I can’t seem to lose weight there, no matter what I do”.

“My tummy has never been the same since having my babies.”

Your body has taken you on life’s journey and will continue to. This is exactly why it’s important to look after your body NOW.

This free class will help you build strength but you’ll also FIND JOY in the movement and gratitude for your body.

This free class is not about getting a 6 pack, it’s not about losing your baby weight, it’s not about saying goodbye to your muffin top.

It’s about about learning to move your body in a safe and enjoyable way.

With consistency, the moves we teach you will build strength, lengthen and tone your amazing body.


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  • The 8 minute class is designed with Pilates movements and breath.
  • The class will be sent to your inbox! All you need is an internet connection to stream it.
  • Build core strength, promote better posture and create inner-confidence!
  • And yes! Your abs are going to get the BEST workout you’ve ever had.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for our Free Pilates Abs Class today! It’s just 8 minutes long!


Here’s how the MerryBody classes have already transformed lives…

I know for sure that incorporating the MerryBody workouts into my life have helped me in so many ways, both with my physical body (most notably my flexibility and core strength) but more importantly, my mental and emotional wellbeing has benefited greatly. Veronika, MerryBody Member
Working with Carla & Emma as their Doctor, has been such a delight. The results they’ve created are inspiring. I get to see the data.Dr Rachel Wyndham
I lost 5 lbs just from doing the workouts twice a week and making a few Merry recipes each week. Nicole, MerryBody Member
Being able to workout at home whenever I have time means it actually gets done and not put off. I think the thing that keeps bringing me back to the mat is the infectious enthusiasm and honesty that Emma and Carla bring to each class, making it feel like a shared experience and giving awareness that I’m not alone when I find something difficult or get sweaty and exhausted.Kelly, MerryBody Member

We’re Emma and Carla, founders of The Merrymaker Sisters and MerryBody (and real life sisters),  health coaches and Yoga/Pilates and meditation teachers.We help over 200 000 people every month through our books, App, Online Studio and Podcast.

Yoga and Pilates completely transformed our lives, this is why we created MerryBody.

We spent years and years trying all the diets and spending hours in the gym. But the real toxicity came from our intentions and mindsets behind these actions.

We dieted to lose weight because we never thought we were good enough. We worked our butts off in the gym, because we didn’t accept what we saw in the mirror.

But no matter how much weight we lost, then gained, then lost, then gained… we were never happy. 

Through our journey with Yoga, Pilates and Meditation we realised the only thing that truly mattered was how we felt about ourselves right NOW. And not when we lost XX kgs or fitted into that dress.

MerryBody classes will strengthen, lengthen and tone your body BUT the real magic? It’s movement driven by self-acceptance, self-respect and joy.

Be inspired to accept yourself and show your body the respect it’s always deserved.


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