#GetMerry Challenge Early Bird now on! Get healthy and stay healthy (like, actually).

The 14 Day #GetMerry Challenge will change your life. Get healthy. Have fun. Eat yum.

Next Challenge starts: 28 August 2017!

You get everything you need: meal plans, recipes, live yoga, pilates and masterclasses and 100s of like-minded people who are on your side.


How good do you feel after eating healthy after just 1 day? Imagine eating healthy for 14 days straight! The best bit is all the planning and organising has been done for you! No more ‘what should I have for dinner?!’ moments.

The #GetMerry challenge is NOT about restricting yourself and missing out on the yum and fun food.

It’s about adding more good food, good thoughts and good people to your life. Yep… it’s about getting freaking MERRY!

It’s designed to get rid of the stress and give you everything you need…

Kick-up-butt inspiration, meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, expert knowledge and advice and the most epic community, with just one rule: #goodvibesonly


Are you ready to #GetMerry?

Next challenge starts 28 August 2017!

Quick, easy and delish brekkies you’ll love to start your day feeling energised and switched on! Here are just a few from the plan…

Merry Carla’s Pancakes

Lemonberry Smoothie

Baked Eggs in Mushies

It’s set me on a great path for the rest of the year…

“Not having to think too hard about what and how to prepare meals and then being blown away with amazing flavours is what I love the most about the Merrymakers Sisters recipes. Plus the interviews with health experts, not just about food but all round wellbeing has really set me on a great path physically and mentally for the rest of the year.”Holly, previous Merrymaker challenger

The 14 Day #GetMerry Challenge is designed to get you fast results. You get the plan, recipes, workouts, advice and support you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what’s included…

  • Connector.

    14 day meal plan

    With new recipes, weekly shopping lists and prep tips to get you super organised and on track. An easy PDF download you keep forever.

  • Connector.

    30 brand new, fun and yum healthy recipes

    3 recipe rules we follow: quick, easy and delish. Brekkies, dinnies and Sunday sweet treats. There’s no nasties… just good stuff.

  • Connector.

    Live yoga and pilates classes

    Enjoy weekly pilates and yoga classes with Emma and Carla! Workouts to make you smile that are suitable and safe for all levels of fitness.

  • Connector.

    Health experts: live masterclasses

    Fast track your health and wellbeing knowledge with access to world class experts. Ask your questions and get the answers you’re looking for.

  • Connector.

    Exclusive Facebook group

    2 weeks of support! Be surrounded by 100s of like-minded people! You’ll get direct access to Emma + Carla to ask questions and stay motivated.

  • Connector.

    Special discounts for you!

    During the challenge you’ll get a special discount code to use!*

*Discount not for use with Get Merry Retreat tickets. Click here to grab one of the last 5 spots and learn more about our first ever retreat!

You’ll hear from some amazing experts during live masterclasses! Get exact action steps on how to bring more health and happiness into your life! This round, hear from…

Guy Lawrence, overcoME doubt + fear



Em + Carla, live yoga/pilates classes + merry mindset

Quick and yum dinners with leftovers for lunch! Filled with colourful veggies and no nasties to make you feel light and satisfied.

Pork Nuggets with Avo-zoodles

Merry Veggie Soup (SAH many veggies)

Loaded Fries (probably most yum ever!)

“I now find meal preparation fun and easy. I sleep well. I feel well.”Michelle, previous Merrymaker challenger
“A switch was flipped in our brains, we don’t WANT to eat processed food or sugar.”Matt + Nat, previous Merrymaker challenger
“I learnt so much about the right foods, about wellness. I’m happier.”Kylie, previous Merrymaker challenger

We have this thing called ‘Sweet Treat Sunday’ And you’re invited… basically, we eat sweet treats on Sunday. It’s fun.

Apple Caramel Pudding

Peanut Butter Cookies

1 more to be announced!

My family love the recipes!

“My family kept asking what we were cooking next because they loved the recipes. My husband has now taken to cooking the evening meals and meal planning to help me out whilst working long hours as he has enjoyed tasting delicious, simple and fresh meals.”Courtney, previous Merrymaker challenger

Fun and yum recipes to make you feel AHHH-mazing (we bet the best you’ve ever felt!). There’s no crap… just good stuff.

  • Connector.Connector.

    We said... only good stuff

    No gluten, refined sugar, grains or dairy! Heck yeah!

  • Connector.Connector.

    Makes you magical

    True story. Try it and see! You will feel WAY better in just 1 day (let alone 14!).

  • Connector.Connector.

    Super quick and easy

    You don’t need to be a super chef or have a zillion ingredients!

I’m excited to cook every night!

“I was amazed that I really didn’t feel hungry at all and the food was just delicious. It made me much more aware of how different foods make me feel. I’m sure I’ve lost weight but I’ve adopted your approach of not using the scales and feel so liberated for doing so. I can definitely feel the difference in how my clothes fit which is great. I also feel confident I can sustain this way of eating long term, which is so comforting. I just love your positivity and real life experience – it resonates so well”Louise, previous Merrymaker challenger

Wondering if the #GetMerry challenge is right for you?

These are the kind of (epic, amazing, lovely) people joining right now…

Just starting this health journey thing…

Are you racing against the clock, trying to fit in work, kids, study, family, friends? Health and happiness is defs a priority but you can’t fit it in. You need someone to tell you what to do, when to do it and how.

Got no time to eat healthy…

You want to look and feel your best but you have NO time to figure it out. The Challenge is all done for you! You will be able to download the Meal Plan guide and boom… you’ll be on your way!

On and off that damn ‘wagon’…

Oops! It’s Monday again… time to start your health kick! Sound familiar? And are your weekends allocated for bingeing? There’s no ‘diet’ in the Challenge, instead, we focus on real, unprocessed, delish food.

All my friends eat cr@p, so yeah…

Are you surrounded by negative vibes? Friends/family just don’t ‘get’ why or what you’re trying to do. Healthy, happy living is easier and more fun when you have others on your side.

Are you ready to #GetMerry?

Next Challenge starts 28 August 2017

“Stress sucks big time. The #GetMerry Challenge is the game changer to a less stressed, more Merry life.” #winningEmma and Carla

Hey! We’re Emma and Carla, the Merrymaker Sisters.

We can’t WAIT to start this challenge and support you every step of the way!

We’re health coaches, bliss followers, and magic creators. On a mission to merrymake over the world.

We help over 1.5 million people every year live healthier, happier lives with our books, podcast, real food recipes, articles and speaking gigs. That’s epic, hehe!

We add more fun to every day to create a less stressed life. Because… yay!


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