8: How to Breakthrough Adversity and Inspire the World with Jimmy Moore

In episode 8 on #MerryBiz podcast we chat with one of our fellow wellbeing entrepreneurs!

His story starts in 2004, when he weighted over 185 kilos and realised he needed to make a drastic change to save his own life.

1 year on he had lost 80 kilos and over 50cm from his weight.

After his dramatic turn around he now dedicates his life to helping as many people find the info they need to make healthy changes to their lifestyle.

He is the Best selling author of Cholesterol Clarity, Keto Clarity and the Ketogenic Cookbook as well as the founder of Livin La Vida Low Carb!

We’re so excited to welcome Jimmy Moore to #MerryBiz!

Take a listen! Prepare for ALOT of laughs!

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Some questions we ask… 

  • How did your journey begin? From heavily overweight… to New York times bestselling author? 
  • How did you go about self publishing your first book? 
  • Tell us about the low carb lifestyle you live and what it’s brought to your life. 
  • What’s the best thing about being an entrepreneur?
  • Why do you use live streaming (Periscope) to build your community?
  • Tell us the biggest lessons you’ve learned throughout your journey.

“I feel like I can give people hope ”

Some moments of AHA! in this episode…

  • Why “NO” can be a huge blessing in disguise. 
  • The importance of fun in your business. 
  • Shifting over from a sugar burner to a fat burner… and how!
  • How saying “YES” to opportunities given to you can forge your path. 
  • Why being YOU is your best asset and how ‘fakery’ will lead you down your wrong path. 

“I had a new found passion. A mission in life. I chose to accept it.”

jimmy moore quote

Links to the extra stuff we talked about…

Jimmy’s blog: Livin’ La Vida Low Carb
Jimmy’s podcasts
Jimmy’s books

“I had no intention of this being my job. But it’s the best darn job I’ve ever had. I’ve worked longer and harder than I ever have… and I love it.”

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What was your biggest AHA!?

We wanna hear all about it! Share your moments of AHA! or the action your gonna take after listening to this #MerryBiz episode! 

“Embrace the moment. Always be you. Live authentically. Honour and appreciate the people in your tribe.”

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