Don’t wait to kick start your health.

MerryEats is our self paced 2 week healthy food and positive mindset program. Designed to completely transform you from the inside out. 

BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)
I lost 4 kilos and reignited my passion!
I needed a big kick up the butt to get back into my healthy lifestyle, and this reignited my passion. Not only did I lose 4 kilos but I’ve been able to reclaim my healthy habits and know that this time they are going to stick.Natalie

MerryEats is a 2 week program that combines healthy meal plans, recipes, body positive mindset and expert knowledge to completely transform you from the inside out.

We know how easy it is to lose motivation. How easy it is to let the busyness of life and the day-to-day grind come before fresh food shopping, meal prep and cooking.

We also know that sometimes meal prep and cooking gets… BORING!

The MerryEats 2 Week Program is about to change this for you.


Does this sound familiar?

Healthy cooking is too hard and time consuming.
All healthy food is boring, bland and blah.
Healthy eating is impossible to stick to. Why even bother?
Even when I lose weight and eat healthy… I don’t feel good enough.

Don’t worry…. we’ve been there before, when healthy eating feels like a chore and our goals feel unreachable.

But what if it didn’t have to be this hard? What if healthy eating could be enjoyable, tasty and actually easy?

It can be.

All you need is a plan, a first step and some motivation.

Your best health is already inside you, following the MerryEats Program will allow you to feel the healthiest you’ve ever felt.

Combining the power of good food (that actually tastes good) and small mindset changes, you’ll finally feel free.

Free from the constant negative opinion and judgement of yourself.

Free from the all-consuming thoughts around food, calories or hours you exercised.

Free from the guilt you feel when you ‘stuff up’ your diet or exercise schedule.

Your first step is here.


Don’t wait to start your healthy resolutions.

In just over two weeks from now…

You will find your healthy cooking mojo again! The recipes in the program make your kitchen and mealtime EXCITING but they are also EASY!

You will actually be motivated to stick to a healthy way of eating and living. You won’t dread cooking. You will find balance and even when you do ‘go off the plan’ you won’t feel guilty.

You’ll notice when your self-talk is being nasty and negative. You will have the tools to come back to acceptance and even love.

You’ll be proud of yourself and be able to reflect on how much you’ve learnt about yourself.


Changing our thoughts and diets transformed our whole lives for the better, we can’t wait for you to experience this too. 

We turned our self-hating reasons to eat well into ones filled with self-respect and self-love. We changed our mindsets drastically, it took practise, it took a bit of work BUT it was all worth it.

We finally love to eat healthy. Not just because the food is yum but because the food makes us FEEL good. We feel energised, happy, with clear minds and are excited to wake up every day. 

We are FINALLY friends with our bodies and we’re beyond excited to share everything we’ve learnt with you.

The amazing Dr Rachel Wyndham (Medical GP and Naturopath) has approved all recipes as a healthy, balanced lifestyle and will be sharing some of her insights during our Knowledge sessions.

So who are we? We’re Emma and Carla (aka the Merrymaker Sisters)

Real life sisters, self proclaimed bliss followers, health coaches and Yoga/Pilates instructors.

We’re on a mission to merrymake over the world. AKA help you live a healthy, happy, magic filled life.

We’ve tried lots of different ways to lose weight and be happy. We’ve spent years figuring out the keys to true confidence.

We found our magic in eating a real food diet combined with small positive changes to our mindset. We had the best results when we had fun, laughed and surrounded ourselves with people on our side, friends who celebrate our successes.

Now, we’ve wrapped it all up into our newest program, MerryEats.

Our wish for you is to learn to LOVE your body. To find a way of living (and eating) that makes you smile and create the confidence you’ve been dreaming of so you stop saying no to life.

Our wish is that you say YES! Yes to the beach! Yes to the date! Yes to the dress! Yes to the interview! Yes to LIFE!

This is what MerryEats will do for you.


Introducing MerryEats!
Our self paced 2 week healthy food and positive mindset program.

Designed to completely transform you from the inside out. You can start TODAY.
BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)

During the 2 weeks, you will…

Make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle.
Finally feel in control of your healthy diet and lifestyle.
Receive the tools and mindset switches we use everyday to transform our self-hate to self-love.
Surround yourself with likeminded people on similar journeys. You’ll have a safe place to share your wins, struggles and even your food pics!

But it’s not just about the healthy food. There is so much more to MerryEats.

The game changer to create your new loving relationship with your body is your mindset.

You’ll get your own MerryEats digital workbook and starter guide, filled with fun, insightful activities to help you build your self-confidence and track your MerryEats progress.

You’ll get access to 4 audio Mindset sessions with us, where we’ll give you our exact action steps we use daily to create a consistent body positive mindset and healthy relationship with food.

PLUS, you’ll get access to 2 exclusive Knowledge sessions with Dr Rachel Wyndham that will give you a bigger ‘WHY?’ to your healthy lifestyle changes.

In the Get Merry Facebook group, we’ll be there to answer all your questions, we’ll also send you lots of email check-ins to keep you feeling motivated and on track.


By the end of the 2 weeks you will discover a new way of eating and thinking to find your inner confidence to FINALLY accept your body!

BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)

Here’s how the Merrymaker Programs have already transformed lives…

You made it so easy to be organised!
My experience has been positive in so many ways. I have always wanted to have meal plans but never got around to it – you have made it so easy to be organised – truly inspired. Never thought I could give up grains but I did! I had given up sugar a few months before the challenge but really enjoyed the sweet treats recipes you girls have created! Winning!Donna, successful Merry participant
I feel like a different person from a month ago!
Stress and anxiety about cooking and eating has gone but I never knew it was because I felt so out of control. Community was fabulous and I loved being a part of something and knowing we all have the same battles no matter our age or background or family situation. Being shown this way of life and not just liking it but seeing that it works. Improved health and energy proves it. So many wins but I feel like a different person from a month ago in such a positive way, it’s awesome!Emily, successful Merry participant
I’m no longer starving myself…
It has actually put me back in complete control of what foods I prepare and consume. I no longer am starving myself and have learnt it’s not all or nothing. I’m feeling fabulous and healthy and that to me is a big win!Wendy, successful Merry participant

This program is perfect for you if…

No matter what you try, you just can’t get motivated to stick to a healthy lifestyle.
You’re sick of putting off your life because you’re worried about what you look like and what other people think of you.
You want to actually ENJOY eating healthy. You don’t want your lifestyle to be a chore on your list you tick off because you ‘have to’.
You think self-love is wanky and not for you. Seriously… this is for you.

And NO, you don’t have to be a master chef to begin your Merry transformation…

MerryEats is an online healthy food and positive mindset program. We’ll share the exact tools we use everyday to transform our bodies and minds.

You’ll get access to the entire MerryEats program via your private login area. 

The program will help you create a loving relationship with food and your body. It will boost your confidence. You’ll feel more energised, joyful and focused.


We designed this program to solve the problem we hear most often “how can I stay motivated to stick to my healthy lifestyle?”

The answer is simple… stop being so hard on yourself and take one tiny step forward and then another.

Let us show you how with our MerryEats program!
It’s the first step you’ve been waiting for.

BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)


Here’s a summary of what you’ll receive as part of the MerryEats program:

2 week meal plan with weekly shopping lists and prep tips, filled with brand NEW quick and easy brekky and dinner recipes. All gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free and dairy free!
Digital program workbook and starter guide, filled with fun, insightful activities to help you build your self-confidence and track your MerryEats progress.
4 x audio Mindset sessions with Emma and Carla, to positively improve your relationship with food and your body.
2 x audio Knowledge sessions with Dr Rachel Wyndham, medical Doctor and Naturopath, where we’ll talk preventative, hormone and emotional health.
Accountability check-ins via email to keep you on track.
Certificate of declaration when you finish the MerryEats program.
All MerryEats content will be accessed via your personal login area.

I’ve lost 20 kilos!
With help from the Merries I’ve shed 20kg slowly over the last 18 months as well as crashing down the negative self belief systems I created over the years 💖 Rachel, successful Merry participant


If you were to do this program one-on-one with us as a private client, it would cost you close to $2500. But we want you to get access to this knowledge and expertise without having to pay a huge amount.

We’ve made it affordable and full of value so you can experience the magic of MerryEats. 

MerryEats is a one-off-payment of $27 (usually $47) AUD.
BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)

You’ll be directed to make a secure payment with your credit card or paypal. It’s 100% safe and secure! After your payment, you’ll receive an email with all the details and dates for MerryEats.  If you can’t find the email, check your junk mail or promotions folder or contact the MerryEats team.

100% money back guarantee

We want to give you the best opportunity to create your Merry transformation. That’s why we’re inviting you to fully participate in the MerryEats program and if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: to qualify for a full refund, we’ll ask you to send us your completed workbook and ensure you complete the full 2 week meal plan. Why? Because we know that if you do the work, you’ll get results. It’s that simple. If you do the work and you don’t get value, then we’ll happily refund you. That’s because we stand behind the integrity and value of this program.


Once you have paid via credit card or paypal, you’ll be emailed all the details. If you can’t find the email, please check your junk mail or promotions folder or contact the MerryEats team here

Yes! I want to kick start my health and say goodbye to bad habits!

For just a one-off-payment of $27 (usually $47) and your MerryEats transformation can begin!

BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)

Here’s how the Merrymaker Programs have already transformed lives…

The recipes are so easy!
I found that this was the only program I was able to stick with, possibly because the recipes were easy and not time consuming. Also the Facebook support was great!Pam, successful Merry participant
I don’t feel like I’m missing out anymore!
My children are trying new foods, we talk at dinner now about what we are eating, it has opened dialogue to talk about healthy and unhealthy foods. I have lost a few kilos, my clothes are looser and I feel lighter, happier, more energy. My husband is on board too and is making better choices with foods. I also love the fact that Emma and Carla have transformed unhealthy food into healthy food and it all tastes so good (like sweet and sour chicken, lasagne, crackers, sweet treats) so you don’t feel like you are missing out.Pam, successful Merry participant
I had the BEST experience!
Best experience ever! I had been thinking of going paleo for some time which is probably where I still would be had I not found the Merrymaker Sisters website and this challenge. Big thank you for making it super easy to get the ball rolling and to keep it going. Weight loss of 4.5 kilos (happy dance) and that’s without exercising! My husband’s blood sugar levels have improved. Less reflux/indigestion and bloating. Couldn’t be happier!Helen, successful Merry participant
I lost 3.5 kilos… but my clothes suggest otherwise!
I lost 3.5 kilos according to the scales, but my clothes suggest otherwise. My skin looks better and after trying every style of eating, including full paleo, I’ve found a program that is not extreme, fad-based or expensive.Briohny, successful Merry participant

I’m ready to begin my Merry transformation!

BUY NOW FOR $27 (usually $47!)

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