Review: Healthy Every Day by Pete Evans.

Today we’re talking Healthy Every Day by Pete Evans. Pete Evans is a real super chef and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a copy of his latest book ‘Healthy Everyday’ 120 delicious and nourishing recipes for energy and good health. 

You probably know Pete from the hit show My Kitchen Rules. That’s when we first met him too (before we said goodbye to TV). We then went on to see him at a conference this year with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, he’s a health coach too, just like us! It was then that we realised this guy has some huge dreams and is a serious game changer when it comes to world health. With a #1 goal to inspire families to get back in to the kitchen and enjoy healthy home cooked meals (that of course ooze delish factor). He could be the Jamie Oliver of Australia (we think he’ll like that title!).

Healthy Everyday is full of drool worthy paleo* friendly dishes. The layout is stunning and the photos are amazing. Who doesn’t love a food photo you can almost smell through the pages?! This is one for the coffee table! Pete is all about optimum health with a focus on gut health. If you’ve been wanting to try make your own fermented foods (like sauerkraut, cultured kale, kimchi and more) then get your hands on this book. Pete makes it easy to understand and explains why it’s so important to include these foods in your diet.

paleo date chia and maca balls1

One of the delish recipes in Healthy Everyday: Date Chia and Maca Balls.

The book is broken down in to sections: breakfast, soups, salads + vegetables, seafood, poultry, meat, snacks, cultured kitchen, desserts, drinks and basics and here are our top picks for each.

Breakfast: Pete’s Sprouted Seed Bread

Soups: Korean Ginseng, Chicken Soup

Salads + Vegetables: Spicy Beetroot, Leek and Walnut Salad

Seafood: Nic’s Ceviche with The Works / Tuna and Sweet Potato Patties (it’s a tie!)

Poultry: Spiced Crispy Chicken (this looks like serious goodness)

Meat: Burmese Beef Cheek Curry

Snacks: Cashew Turmeric Spread (we tried something like this from Pete’s store BU Organics… it’s amazing)

Cultured Kitchen: Winter Kraut with Beetroot and Goji Berries

Desserts: the popsicles are adorable and the raspberry mousse cheesecakes look delightful!

Drinks: the Kiddy Yum Yum Smoothie sounds yum… we say it’s not just for kids!

We’re guessing that just reading the titles of these recipes had your mouth watering all over the place, yep, us too. We whipped up Pete’s Paleo Date, Chia and Maca Balls and took some inspiration to make some kid friendly paleo lollies (yes, like the jelly baby kind!) and you can find both of these recipes (with merrymaker modifications) here and here.


Paleo friendly lollies! Kid approved.

Thanks to Pete for being one of our biggest inspirations and for making paleo ridiculously delicious.

Always merrymaking,

e + c

Read more about Pete here

*we’d say a few of the recipes sit on the paleo/not quite paleo fence but this also has a lot to do with how they are prepared, e.g sprouted quinoa.


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