165: social media is not the devil… stop complaining about it


This #GetMerry podcast is brought to you by our amazing podcast sponsor LesMills. During this episode, we chat about social media and there may or may not be a few rants. #sorrynotsorry

We’ve noticed this conversation that keeps on popping up about social media being an extreme negative aspect of life. And we want to 100% disagree and in turn say that it’s each of our own personal responsibility to use it in a conscious way. To curate our feeds and who we follow. To utilise the platform for GOOD!

And of course, social media can be evil! But this doesn’t mean it’s ALL evil.

Yes, you can lose connection to yourself and others around you BECAUSE of social media but it can also be used for good! It can connect you more! It can be a way to use your creativity (similar to authors when they write books, or artists when they paint.)

So we can not just label social media as BAD. It’s a personal choice, add conscious energy, bring awareness and ask yourself is it good or bad? And how can I change it if I need to? Tune in here…

Stuff we talked about…

  • consciously choose how you are using and consuming social media.
  • when you discuss social media and the way people use it (actually when you talk about ANYTHING someone else does) add empathy and question yourself, are you potentially shaming someone else?
  •  social media can actually help you connect MORE.
  • we touch on social media for business and why/how not to get attached to chasing likes.

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Emma + Carla 

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