How important is stretching and mobility? Resident PT Luke says: VERY!

How important is stretching and mobility for your wellbeing? Very! Here are my top tips for stretching and mobility:

  • Visit your local yoga studio, aim for an hour a week. Without a doubt this is the best and most fun you can have stretching and pushing your body’s flexibility and balance to its limit!
  • Spend 20 minutes a day working on your mobility. You don’t have to do everything, I pick what body parts I’m tight or sore in and focus on that.
  • During whatever training you do, use your rest times between sets to stretch.
  • Treat yourself and book yourself a massage. I do this at least once a month.

During my first few years of training and exercise, stretching and mobility was never high on my priority list… after a cold weeknight sports training there was a quick stretch here and there but I was always more focused on training hard and when I was done, I was done! There was no way I wanted to do boring tedious stretching!

Further down the track during my gym days at college, my mates and I would do what we though was pretty impressive weight training, thinking we owned the gym (more than likely being pests!). I don’t know about you but a little pain here and there as a teenager was very easy to shake off. Lets just say the ‘wiser’ I get the more it’s a priority.

When I knew I wanted to be in the fitness and wellbeing industry, after I received my qualification, stretching and mobility became part of my day to day activity (and even more so now training with the boys at Func).

My advice? If you feel a little niggle, act on it. Stretch it out or see a professional. When you ignore the injury is when it becomes more of an issue as you’re more likely to injure yourself when training or exercising. BAM you’re immobile, need time off work and you think ‘if only I had done a little more stretching and mobility’. Believe me, we’ve all felt this way, I am definitely guilty!

So get stretching! Next time, I’ll share my favourite stretches and mobility movements with you but if you have any questions just leave me a comment below!

Happy training!


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