Competition! Win a Get Merry box!


Ahhh yay it’s competition time aka the best time! It’s time to celebrate the launch of our brand new Get Merry box and bag gift sets! Yes, Get Merry merchandise is happening. 

These boxes and bags will inspire you to eat healthy, think happy and create a little magic (or a lot ;)).

So… what’s in the box?

Get Merry quote cards. Pin them up, stick them up, use them for gift cards, frame them. Swap your Get Well cards to Get Merry cards. 

They’re super cute and the quotes are a bit of fun. And yes coffee really does make you magical and gratitude is the game changer! 


Our Fave Crystals in Little Merry bag. Believe in a little bit of magic or just enjoy the pretty factor. Each bag includes 3 of our most favourite tumbled crystals.

Rose quartz for love. Love for yourself and others. To open your eyes and heart to the love all around you. A reminder, to choose to see love in every situation.

Amethyst for creativity, peacefulness and a calm energy. It promotes patience, enhances intuition and brings in an inner strength.  

Green aventurine, the stone of opportunity, the bringer of good luck! It welcomes in positivity and energy for life itself!

You get all 3… to make life super magical!

Merry tote bag. No more boring grocery bags allowed! This one says ‘the stuff inside this bag makes me magical. We kinda imagine you would put a stack of veggies in it… but whatever you think makes you magical… whack it in!

It’s a good quality tote, will carry the pumpkin, the large amounts of coconut milk and what not (we’ve tested it!). Made out of canvas so you won’t end up with weird stuff all over your clothes (haha anyone else bought a tote bag like that or just us?). 

Get Merry, the very healthy recipe book! It’s filled with 95 new, healthy recipes that are (of course) quick, easy and delish. Are you ready for a life that isn’t controlled by what you can and can’t eat? A less stressed life where healthy eating is easy, delish and fun! We vote: YES!

Already got our book?! Well, the Get Merry bag doesn’t include the book BUT it includes the NOW watch. Perfect if you’ve already got a copy of the recipe book! 

NOW watch. It’s the watch that does not tick, the watch that reminds you to be present, to live in the now plus it’s super adorable and the best conversation starter ever! 

When we first discovered the power of mindfulness and began learning about the importance of living present this was the thing that helped us. It’s the perfect reminder… that ‘now’ is all that we ever have and to enjoy every moment.


Here’s what you can win…

We are giving away 2  x Get Merry Boxes and 2 x Get Merry Bags PLUS 5 sets of our Get Merry quote cards! HECK YEAH! 

Here’s how you can win…

  1. Take a photo showing how you GET MERRY. Not sure what to share? Some ideas are: a delish Merrymaker recipe pic, doing something fun in the sun, self-care action, share your hobby. Get creative! OR if you can’t think of anything… share one of our photos! 
  2. Share your photo to Instagram or Facebook (or both!). Write a little comment about how you Get Merry, tag @themerrymakersisters and add the hashtag #getmerrywin 
  3. The most creative/our most favourite entry wins! 

Annnnd of course… if you just can’t wait and wanna be one of the first to get your hands on a Get Merry box or bag… you can do that too! Check out all the details here!

The competition is open to Australians only, from Monday 6 March and closes Tuesday 14 March 2017 (11.59 AEST) YAY! FUN!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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