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The MerryBody App gives you unlimited access to online Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes. You’ll combine movement and the mindset work of self acceptance, self belief and joy. This is the MerryBody Method.

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This is just not any virtual studio

Unlike other online fitness classes and programs, here at MerryBody we don’t obsess over weight loss. There are no weigh-ins or measurements, no talking about burning calories or working off the yummy cake you ate over the weekend. You’ll never hear your Pilates instructors and Yoga teachers mention things like turkey neck, muffin top or saggy bits.

MerryBody is your reminder that you are amazing just as you are, right here… right now.

Inspired by classical Pilates and traditional Yoga

Get ready to experience a full body workout that makes you feel amazing. A class that is 26 minutes in length. You’ll enjoy the combination of mat Pilates and Yoga flow that is designed to help you let go of any thoughts no longer serving you by bringing you into the present moment

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Here’s what's included inside the MerryBody Yoga and Pilates Online Studio

New Weekly Workout Classes (400+ classes)

A new class is added to your Studio every week! The library just keeps on growing! All classes focus on Yoga and mat Pilates exercises and go for 10-30 minutes. From upper body work to core work based Pilates, from strength training to relaxing yoga classes, the range of classes to stream again and again is endless. You can even download the classes to the MerryBody App for when you’re travelling.

Updated Weekly Class Plan

Every week, you’ll get access to a 7 Day Plan of daily classes for your week ahead. This plan is designed to effectively provide you a total body workout. From fast paced online Pilates classes to rejuvenating Yin Yoga classes, your weekly plan is balanced and safe.

Access Empowering Programs and Challenges

Every two months you’ll get access to Challenges that motivate you to focus on specific goals. Plus, as a Member you can access past Challenges and Programs, including the 21 Day Mindset and Movement Challenge, 5 Day Core Challenge, 21 Day Meditation Challenge, 30 Day Yoga Challenge and so many more!

Personal Support and Guidance

As a Member, access the amazing MerryBody community where you can submit questions, share your progress and attend live class tutorials inside the community group. You’ll also receive an email each week that keeps you accountable and guides you to create a balanced and consistent movement practice.

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What our clients are saying

Imagine, One year from today...

Imagine just one year or even one month from today, you’ve created a consistent at home Yoga and Pilates practice.

You feel strong, vibrant and motivated. You feel acceptance toward yourself and your body. Simply allow that thought to settle into your mind and know that the action steps you take today create your future.

We know our MerryBody classes have the potential to create this positive change, we’re excited for you to roll out your Yoga mat and press play on this FREE online class.

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