Calming Your Nervous System, Reducing Cortisol with Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga might not be as widely talked about as other styles of Yoga, but the benefits of Yin Yoga are profound.
407: Sweat and Strategy, the creation of MerryBody classes
Right now we have over 600 Yoga, Pilates, Yin, Barre and meditation MerryBody classes inside our App. One of our amazing Yoga
5 Exercises for Strong Arms, No Equipment!
If you’re looking for a simple and doable method to strengthen your arms, get excited and keep on reading! These 5 exercises
How to Do Ashta Chandrasana Pose | High Lunge Pose
Introducing you to High Lunge Pose, in Sanskrit (the ancient Yogic language), it is called Ashta Chandrasana. This can also be translated
Simple Strategies to Overcome Self-Comparison
In a world amplified by social media, it’s easy to experience self-comparison on overdrive. We’ve been talking about this topic since the
406: Anxious thought loopholes, how to get out of them!
In this episode, we chat about everyday anxious thought loopholes that so many of us experience, and how we can better manage
Beginner’s Guide to Yoga | Start Your Journey with a 10-Minute Online Yoga Class
Welcome to the transformative world of Yoga! Whether you already practise or you’ve been curious about it for a while, this guide
405: Spark your motivation to study
Listen to this episode for a quick burst of motivation to open up your study books (or program). As we start week
Best Strategy To Complete Your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Before I get into all my tips to help you complete your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, I want to talk about
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