A weekly conversation between us, Emma and Carla, sisters, best friends and business partners. We don’t skip the struggles, you’ll laugh and walk away feeling inspired with doable action steps. Tune in and realise you’re not alone in the magical mess of your life.

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407: Sweat and Strategy, the creation of MerryBody classes
Right now we have over 600 Yoga, Pilates, Yin, Barre and meditation MerryBody classes inside our App. One of our amazing Yoga
406: Anxious thought loopholes, how to get out of them!
In this episode, we chat about everyday anxious thought loopholes that so many of us experience, and how we can better manage
405: Spark your motivation to study
Listen to this episode for a quick burst of motivation to open up your study books (or program). As we start week
404: 22 Weeks Pregnancy and Life Update
It’s been a crazy start to the year! We’ve been super inconsistent with the podcast, but here we are! In this episode,
403: There's No Place Like Rome, Part 2
It’s time for part 2! Emma shares more of her Roman adventure! This episode is more about the places to visit in
402: There's No Place Like Rome, Part 1
Hear Emma talk about her recent 6 week experience in Rome, Italy. This episode is all about food, from how to eat
401: Welcome to 2024
Welcome to 2024! We feel like the first month has just been jampacked. Emma just got back two weeks ago from her
400: Have you got the holiday blues?
In this episode, we chat about the holiday blues, a common experience of feeling blue, sad, flat… during the holiday season. We
399: Is patience possible over the holiday season?
Although the holiday season is typically associated with joy, it is often filled with unrealistic expectations for events, gifts and family and
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