A weekly conversation between us, Emma and Carla, sisters, best friends and business partners. We don’t skip the struggles, you’ll laugh and walk away feeling inspired with doable action steps. Tune in and realise you’re not alone in the magical mess of your life.

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369: self acceptance and caring about appearances
Can you live with self-acceptance and also care about what you look like? Of course you can! But it can get a
368: media, interview and presentation skills
In this episode, we chat about sharing your story publicly. If you struggle with anxiety and nerves when speaking and sharing your
367: Is judgement actually insecurity?
Is judgement actually just insecurity? When you put someone else down, out loud or in your mind, is it just a reflection
366: Losing yourself in relationships
At Carla’s recent Hen Parties (yes… there were 2!) everyone wrote a piece of advice regarding marriage and relationships. A common thread
365: The dance between self acceptance and ambition
In this episode, we chat about the dance between self-acceptance, striving and having ambition. How can we strive for excellence and still
364: Do you lack confidence?
Do you lack confidence? In this episode, we chat about confidence and ideas on how to build it. This is what we
363: The 10 Minute Workout
The 10 minute workout can and will change your life in many, many ways. We chat about this and more! This is
362: How to plan and budget better
In this episode, we’re talking about planning, organisation and budgeting.  How we do it individually and together with our business. This is
361: Business stories and advice after 10 years in biz
One of our MerryBody members, Rebecca, messaged us with questions about taking the leap. The leap to quit your job and start
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