MerryBody combines Yoga and Pilates with the mindset
 work of self-belief, body confidence, and self-acceptance.

It’s a tool that helps you workout in a way 
that makes you feel good about yourself.

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Welcome to

MerryBody Online Studio

“A happy, healthy body starts with your mindset, not a meal plan.
It’s about a relationship with your body, not a number of reps.”

Through the empowering combination of Yoga, Pilates and
Meditation, MerryBody will totally change the way you
workout – AND how you feel about yourself.

100% online, on-demand, it puts you in complete control,
letting you pursue your own personal idea of what it
means to feel good, respect and care for yourself.

And the real magic...? It’s movement driven by
self-acceptance, self-respect and joy.

Right here, today, is when you rediscover how to
accept yourself and show your body the
love and respect
it’s always deserved…

It’s time to feel at home
in your body for the first time in who knows how long…

Seriously, ask yourself… When was the last time you truly, honestly and wholeheartedly felt amazing in your body?

And, no, we’re not talking about that one time you saw a certain number on the scales. Or squeezed into a pair of skinny jeans by holding your breath.

Loving and feeling at home in your body means so much more than that.

It’s about rediscovering how to move your body in a way that brings you joy and changing the voice that sometimes says you’re not good enough.

Imagine instead of moving to lose weight, or to
fit into some outfit you’ll only ever wear once,
you learnt to move and exercise to feel joy and

Think about what that would do for your mindset,
motivation and whole concept of exercise…

But, look, we totally get it.

Over the years, you may have developed a not-so-great love/hate relationship with working out. Or live with a
nagging feeling you don’t deserve time of your own to work on your health…

More than likely, you know you want to start something new. You know you need to… but you’re unsure, overwhelmed,
and possibly even a little nervous and afraid to go it alone.

We’re here to change your relationship with

exercise and yourself.

Your first, empowering step starts with being honest with yourself and asking if any
of the following is holding you back from feeling amazing in your body…

You’ve been bouncing around between work outs for what feels like years and feel like nothing’s
working. Or you’ve struggled to create a consistent
practice because you can’t find something that feels right, so you dropped out due to lack of motivation.

You’ve tried the gym
(maybe more than once!)
but that culture just isn’t for
you. It left you feeling out of place, intimidated and that
you were on your own with
zero support from the
moment you signed the membership form.

You’ve got an endless list of other things in your life, like crazy hectic work, preparing lunches and dinners or dropping kids off at school. With all this going on, it’s impossible to fit your schedule into typical group class timetables.

You’ve spent hour after
hour on spin bikes,
treadmills or forcing
yourself to get up and
run at 6am.
Sure, your
fitness may have
technically improved but
perhaps you’re feeling
miserable, exhausted and
going insane with boredom.

You’ve tried diets, “bikini
challenges” or other
short-lived 30, 60 or 90
day workouts
that left you obsessing over every calorie, bite of food and a number
on the scale each morning.
You ended up constantly
fixated on your weight and
how you looked, leading to
guilt if you “slipped” for
even a day!

You like the idea of going to group classes but you’re nervous about turning up
to a new class alone, full of complete (sweaty) strangers because you’re not super experienced and you’re
worried you won’t be able
to keep up with all the
experienced regulars.

Above all else… somewhere along the way you fell out of love with exercise,
lost confidence in yourself and started feeling like you weren’t good enough…

We know this feeling all too well!

Because we felt it too.

For WAYYYY too long in our lives…

Hi, we’re Emma and Carla, AKA the Merrymaker
(yes, we’re real life sisters)…

When we say we’ve been there before, we totally mean it.
Just take a listen to some of the things we used to do because we felt
insecure and unhappy with who we were… maybe you can relate?

  • We’d hide behind other people in photos, make sure the angles didn’t make us look “fat” or tell friends not to tag us so we wouldn’t be seen on Facebook.
  • As much as we loved summer, we’d say no to
    invitations to the beach or wear jumpers in the heart of summer to cover our bodies.
  • We’d turn down social events because we were convinced everyone would judge us.
  • Food anxiety. We’d feel guilty for weeks for eating certain things and anxious leading up to events where we might “slip up” and eat off the “naughty buffet”.
  • We’d go on insane bikini workouts that destroyed our bodies because we were practically starving ourselves on just 1200 calories a day, while
    working out morning and night.
Even when we had some “success” with losing weight. It was never enough…
We knew this shouldn’t be anyone’s idea of being “healthy”. That there had
to be a way to be kind to yourself, feel amazing in your body and accept
(perhaps even celebrate!) exactly who you are…

And, it starts with breaking down
the common “workout myths” that
create the negative mindset toward
exercising and yourself…

You have to be in pain and feel like you’re dying to see progress

It’s finally time to break the dangerous idea that if you’re not killing yourself, you’re not REALLY working out.

Let’s say it together now… It’s OK if you don’t break a sweat that leaves
every inch of your body drenched or feel like you’ve thrashed your
body to a point where you can’t walk for days.

You have to spend hours at the gym to see any results

So many people think this way. More time slaving away equals
more results. It just makes sense, right? Actually, not at all!

When you shift your focus and change your concept about what
it means to be healthy, more hours in the gym is not the answer.

Instead, it’s simply about finding a window of time when you have
the energy and availability to move your body – this could be 
just 10 minutes some days!

You have to go to the gym every day to "be healthy"

If you’ve ever watched a reality weight loss show or scrolled past the Instagram feed of fitness influencers, you might have the idea if you’re not in the gym EVERY day, you can kiss goodbye to getting results.

But that’s not realistic (or true!).… What’s most important is committing to getting your body moving a few days a week (because the body needs to move!), in a way that fits your schedule.

There’s such a thing as a “quick fix”

With all the extreme workouts and 6-week diets floating around
online, it’s easy to get the idea there’s such a thing as a quick fix.

But here’s the thing… scratch the surface and these so-called ‘quick fixes’ are little more than marketing.

They leave you feeling blah and looking for the next shiny new diet. Again, making you feel that deep sense of “I’m not good enough.”

Somewhere, somehow and for some reason the common idea of being “healthy” puts
practically zero emphasis on loving and being kind to yourself… and it’s time to change that.

What if there was an empowering
energizing and entirely flexible
way of working out that can help you…

Feel more love toward
your body

Move in a way that keeps you
entirely present in your
body and feeling gratitude and acceptance for who you are.
By focusing on movement and
getting in touch with how
your body feels, you’ll feel
more acceptance and love
towards your body.

Achieve healthy, positive
and sustainable changes 

Fall in love with exercise
(and yourself!) through a
consistent exercise practice that achieves results that fit with your idea of what it means to be healthy and feeling good – not anybody else’s.

Experience joy and
gratitude every day

Discover how to change the way you think about yourself, your
relationship with exercise, so you can find more magic in every moment and experience life’s
joy that’s rightfully yours.

Become physically stronger, more flexible and toned
Build a foundation of strength
through a practise that
strengthens your core, improves
your posture and works your body
in a healthy, loving way that
makes you stronger and happier
in daily life.

Learn how to calm and
de-stress the mind

Calm the whirlwind of your mind
and the world around you by
working on your mind, putting
you in the best headspace to get
the most out of your workout
sessions and translate this inner peace to your everyday life.

Experience a beautiful
time of your day

Rediscover your “Me” time.
A few moments in otherwise
crazy days where you are
entirely present, away from all
distraction and in balance. A time
that you choose to work out that
nestles into your life seamlessly.

If you’re searching for a way to exercise that is incredibly fun, feels amazing
 and makes you actually WANT to do it….You’re in the perfect place.


your body and mind

The MerryBody Method™ thinks about exercising and fitness
in a different, refreshing and entirely holistic way with two steps…

Building a positive, renewed mindset

By shifting your mindset, you can change your
relationship with working out and your body. You’ll learn to cultivate a positive mindset that changes the voice in your head from “I need to lose weight” to “I’m doing this because I actually enjoy it and because it
feels good”.

No matter what your body looks like, the most
important thing is how you feel about yourself. Through Meditation and focusing on your mindset, MerryBody Online Studio looks at your intentions
and works first on accepting yourself.

Movement that makes your body feel joy

To give you the joy of moving freely and in an empowering way – it shouldn’t cause you to barely be able to walk down the stairs or cause you to need to roll out of bed after a workout. The way we see it, the goal of exercise should be to make your body feel amazing.

Take time to understand your body’s needs, how it responds and exercise in a way that’s just right for you – and brings you the most joy. Using a gentle yet effective approach of Pilates and Yoga, MerryBody workouts invite you to explore what feels good for your body.

Start Your Free 7-Day Experience Today and Get Unlimited access
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complete mind
and body rejuvenation.

Imagine the most convenient studio that isn’t just right next door but actually in your home…. Where there aren’t waitlists for classes, over crowded studios or sweaty strangers.

That thing you just imagined in your mind?
Well, that’s MerryBody Online Studio.

Here’s what you get when you join
MerryBody Online Studio…


Binge-Worthy Weekly Workout Classes

New MerryBody classes are added to your
Online Studio each and every week! Each
class focuses on Yoga and Pilates-inspired
movements and lasts for 10-30 minutes.
Stream classes again and again – there’s
no limit. Even download them to the
MerryBody App for when you’re travelling
or without internet.


Complete Library Access On Demand

Every single MerryBody class and Meditation
session is accessible on-demand with the
click of a button inside the Studio library.
Feeling a booty workout today? Or need to
bliss out with a Yoga session? Use the handy
search function to find the exact class you
want – whatever your mood.


Done-For-You Weekly Class Plans

Suffering a little decision fatigue? Need a
little expert guidance? Leave it with us!
Each week, we give you a 7-Day Plan for
your week ahead, specifically designed to
safely and effectively move and rejuvenate
your body and mind… Never get bored or
waste a minute wondering which class to
choose – it’s all handled for you.


Mind-Calming Monthly Meditations

Receive calming, clarity-boosting audio
Meditations that you can stream and
download. These custom-created Meditations
help guide you to create your new loving and accepting relationship with exercise and your body.


Exclusive Empowering
Challenges & Programs

Join us every two months when
we host exclusive Challenges that
empower you to focus on specific
shifts and goals. Plus, access past
Challenges and Programs to inspire you
and motivate you to get on the mat
every day, including 30 Day Yoga/Pilates
Challenge, 5 Day Core Challenge, 7 Day
Chakra Program and 21 Day Meditation
Challenge and many more!


Quarterly Masterclasses

Every three months we personally host
online training. Each Masterclass is filled
with actionable steps you can immediately
make a part of your life to take your practice,
mindset and motivation to new heights.


Ongoing Personal Guidance & Feedback

You’re not on your own here. Submit
questions, share your progress and attend
live video Q+As and tutorials inside the
community Facebook group. Get the
support you need and feel part of
something bigger.


Accountability & Support

With accountability comes amazing results.
Receive weekly emails that keep you
accountable in a non-pressuring way and
guide you to create a consistent, balanced
MerryBody and MerryMind. Plus, check-ins
and class reminders, add that extra level of
friendly accountability and motivation.

Join the MerryBody movement and experience a

ripple effect on every part of your life…

When you learn to love exercise and accept yourself with MerryBody, you’ll notice changes in every other aspect of your life.
 Work can become less stressful. Relationships can become stronger and more loving.
Happiness spreads through every part of life (because now, you notice it!). And you discover levels of energy you didn’t
think possible without coffee (Oh and don’t worry – we still loooove coffee).

Simply, when you find harmony within your mind and body, everything else aligns…

Every day, 1000s of MerryBody members see positive changes to their bodies, minds, and lives…

Changeyour concept of working out…

It’s Not about “Before and After Images”. It’s

"Before and Ahhh… I Feel Amazing"

At MerryBody, we stand for…


constantly talking about calories


over losing weight


comparing ourselves to anyone else


or body measurements


our bodies with over-the-top workouts

Don’t be mistaken though...
we’re all about getting you RESULTS -
we just look at it in a different kind of way

You will achieve the
life changing results you’ve been looking for.

Here’s the thing…

There are so many amazing reasons to create a strong
and energised body and mind.

It could be about feeling more confident to wear your favourite
summer dress and head out with friends. Or feel empowered to
ask for a promotion. Or gain the energy you’ve always wanted to
keep up with your kids. Or, simply to experience better health.

Only you know your motivation – and whatever it is, you’re
100% right.

Feeling confident and unconditional acceptance toward your body is an amazing way to live.
And, with MerryBody, this is the core focus.

We just look at creating the results you want in a different way.
We don’t obsess or put pressure on ourselves to lose weight or
hit a number on the scales or look a certain way.

With MerryBody, you will flip the focus away from the negativity
of what you’re not. And instead place it on who you are, and what you’re still to become.

So, be sure of this… when you become a part of MerryBody,
you will experience something quite different.

A revolutionary way of moving your body that doesn’t remind you of what you lack… it reminds you of the amazingness already within.

MerryBody is your daily reminder, that right here, right now, you are 1000 times enough… just as you are.

The only thing that needs to change is the fact that you forgot this.

We will show you how to love THIS body you have. This one that’s a gift. This one that is
uniquely yours. Perfectly imperfect.
The way it is supposed to be and feel.

Here’s why people everywhere love
MerryBody Online Studio…


It’s about balance, not perfection, no guilt

Sure, being consistent is key and will make
you feel amazing. But, let’s not get caught
up in military-level regimens that make you
feel guilty if you miss a day. MerryBody is
about treating yourself right. Showing
yourself kindness. Super busy and missed
a day? Don’t sweat it. 


Suited to every level from newbie to advanced

Just getting back into the rhythm of things or
starting out? We’ve got the perfect place for
you to start. More advanced and looking to
build even more strength and  flexibility?
Go ahead, push yourself a little more. The
progression and regression options in every
class make this really easy.


Workout in as little as 10 minutes

Whatever else is going on in your busy world,
there’s always enough time for MerryBody.
How long you work out is totally up to
you – and your schedule. Quick, easy
workouts you can do anytime, whether it’s
10, 20, 30 minutes or more.


The variety you need for overall well being

Looking to improve your posture? Build overall
mobility and core strength? Or simply relax
your mind? Whatever your daily needs,
MerryBody has a class for it – with 100s to
choose from. From booty burn and strength
building Pilates, Yoga for mobility, Yin Yoga to
de-stress and calm your mind – plus so much


New, fresh classes added every week

New classes are added to the MerryBody
Studio library each and every week. That’s
52+ brand new classes over a year! So, you’re
always learning something new, never bored
or stuck with your workouts.

And, what our members love most... become a part of a like minded community and find your place to belong…

You aren’t just another membership number with
MerryBody. You’re on this journey with us… and every other member.

The MerryBody community is your safe place to share your struggles, “AHA” moments and your wins with zero judgement.

Genuine, real people – that’s who we are and who you’re surrounded by in the MerryBody community. If you’ve ever had the feeling you haven’t quite found your people. You have now.

MerryBody is for everyone!
So much so, don’t be surprised if your hubby, partner
kids, dog or cat joins in the classes with you.
(Yes, seriously, our members’ pets actually join in)

For the first time in a
long time, actually
enjoy working out
again and prepare to be
on feeling amazing…

Go from dreading exercise to enjoying and being
excited by it. Don’t be
surprised if MerryBody starts to be your favourite time of day!

Learn Anytime, Anywhere

No more stress around wearing the ‘right’ clothes,
finding a car park, getting caught in traffic or
competing to get into crowded Monday night classes.

(Even do it in your PJs, like lots of our lovable
members do…)

100% Online,
On-demand on Any Device

Experience unlimited, 24/7 access
to all classes, Meditations and the
community on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Stream or download every minute of
content for online or offline practice via the epic MerryBody App. Take it with you anywhere.
Simply, MerryBody Studio does for Pilates, Yoga and Meditation classes
what Netflix and Spotify do for TV
and music.

Let us make this clear… This is not
some online video course where you
get a login and then it’s ‘see you
later’ and you never hear from us.
We are available, involved and
engaged every single day
(Yes! it’s one of us replying to you!)

Get unlimited Yoga,
Pilates and Meditation
for the price of one
average Yoga class

Membership for MerryBody Online Studio starts from just $28 AUD per month. That’s around the price of a single casual Yoga or Pilates class.

Just think about it… Let’s say you did 3 sessions a week, normally you would be paying $300+ a month. And even if you joined a gym, you’re still looking at least $60 per month.

ChooseYour Membership Option
(Starting at just 94 cents per day!)

Rejuvenate your body and mind, with unlimited Yoga, Pilates
and Meditation classes from the comfort of your home.


  • 100% access to MerryBody Studio
  • MerryBody App
  • Weekly Workout Classes
  • Complete Library Access to
    On-demand Classes
  • Weekly Class Plan
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Challenges & Programs
  • Live Video Q&As
  • Bonus Alignment Tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Quarterly Masterclasses
  • 1-on-1 private chat support

AUD $37/month

(billed monthly) Just $1.21 per day!

Best Value


  • 100% access to MerryBody Studio
  • MerryBody App
  • Weekly Workout Classes
  • Complete Library Access
    to On-demand Classes
  • Weekly Class Plan
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Yoga, Pilates & Meditation
    Challenges & Programs
  • Live Video Q&As
  • Bonus Alignment Tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Quarterly Masterclasses
  • 1-on-1 private chat support

AUD $28.70/month

(billed annually)
Just 94 cents per day!

You save $100


  • 100% access to MerryBody Studio
  • MerryBody App
  • Weekly Workout Classes
  • Complete Library Access to
    On-demand Classes
  • Weekly Class Plan
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Challenges & Programs
  • Live Video Q&As
  • Bonus Alignment Tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Quarterly Masterclasses
  • 1-on-1 private chat support

AUD $37/month

(billed monthly) Just $1.21 per day!

Best Value


  • 100% access to MerryBody Studio
  • MerryBody App
  • Weekly Workout Classes
  • Complete Library Access
    to On-demand Classes
  • Weekly Class Plan
  • Monthly Meditations
  • Yoga, Pilates & Meditation
    Challenges & Programs
  • Live Video Q&As
  • Bonus Alignment Tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Quarterly Masterclasses
  • 1-on-1 private chat support

AUD $28.70/month

(billed annually)
Just 94 cents per day!

You save $100

Free 7 Day Experience of MerryBody

At zero cost. That’s right, get access to it ALL… all the Pilates workouts, Yoga classes, Meditations, the MerryBody Facebook Community, plus everything else for an ENTIRE week! You can test drive everything…
just click below to start free today.

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*Free for 7 Days. Then your chosen membership plan
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100s On-demand

52+ New Yoga/Pilates
Classes a Year

95k+ classes streamed

3500+ people supported
around the world

347+ MerryPets get
on the mat with
their owners
(not even joking).

No hard-to-escape lock-in contracts

We don’t want you to feel stuck in a
long-term contract that’s impossible to get
out of. You know, the kind that gyms make
you sign… Cancel, pause or upgrade your
MerryBody membership anytime.

*See FAQs for full details.

Our 100% ‘I feel Ahhh-mazing’
Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure that MerryBody will rejuvenate
your body and mind, we guarantee it.

Within the first 30 days of joining MerryBody
Online Studio, if for any reason you don’t feel
it brings you more joy, makes you enjoy exercising
like you never have before and helps
you accept your body, you can cancel at any time
and we will refund your money in full.

*See FAQs for full details.

Meet Your Teachers

It’s no exaggeration to say Yoga and Pilates completely transformed our lives – and this inspired us to create MerryBody, so you can have the same incredible experience.

We spent years and years trying all the diets and spending hours in the gym. But the real toxicity came from our intentions and mindsets behind these actions.

We dieted to lose weight because we never thought we were good enough. We worked our butts off in the gym, because we didn’t accept what we saw in the mirror.

But no matter how much weight we lost, then gained, then lost, then gained… we were never happy.

Through our journey with Yoga, Pilates and Meditation we realised the only thing that truly mattered was how we felt about ourselves right NOW.
And not when we lost a specific number of kgs or fitted into that dress.

Sure, MerryBody will strengthen, lengthen and  work your body. But the real magic is that it’s movement 
driven by self-acceptance, self-respect and joy.

When you join MerryBody you will be inspired to accept yourself and show your body the respect it’s always deserved.

Oh, and by the way, we’re real, like you…

There’s no Photoshop or image management around here.

Every now and then you’ll see us stumble or take a bit of a fall in class, or our Yoga pants will ride up where they don’t belong. We choose to leave all these imperfections and slip ups in. It’s a real, authentic experience – what life is REALLY like.

To us, the most important thing is embracing and celebrating who we are – and we want you to do the same.

Always merrymaking, e + c

What if just a few weeks
from now you could feel
like your most authentic,
healthy and loving self…

Just one last thing…

We used to think we didn’t deserve to love our bodies. That we were never good enough. And we couldn’t accept and be the real us.

Looking back, this made us miss out on so many
adventures, opportunities and, well, life in general.
All the magic was stolen away…

It’s only once you learn to accept yourself fully for who you are that life stops passing you by. That you no longer miss being a part of the exciting adventure that life is meant to be…

No more turning down fun-filled social events, skipping sun-drenched beach sessions or hiding who you truly are.

So, ask yourself… isn’t it time to be happy,
accepting and feel at home in your body?

If the answer’s a wholehearted “Yes”, then we’re excited to get to know you inside MerryBody…

*Remember… it’s 100% FREE to start! Zero risk.
 Cancel anytime. What’s to lose? And what’s the best that could happen?!


Once you have paid via credit card or PayPal, you’ll be emailed all the details to access the MerryBody Online Studio, this usually takes 10 minutes. Please check your spam, junk or important folder as it sometimes falls in there! If you still can’t find it, contact the MerryBody team here.

Our 100% ‘I feel Ahhh-mazing’ Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so sure that MerryBody will rejuvenate your body and mind, we guarantee it. Within the first 30 days of joining MerryBody Online Studio, if for any reason you don’t feel it brings you more joy, makes you enjoy exercising like you never have before and helps you accept your body, you can cancel at any time and we will refund your money in full.

To cancel, you simply need to email the team. Cancelling your Monthly membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future payment. For example, if you cancel anytime in January, you will not be charged in February. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from MerryBody Studio until the last day of your current month.

The first time you login, please make sure you login from a new browser and window. If you’re still having trouble, please email the team or use the live chat box.

We hear you – we really do. We know we’ve felt nervous about making an investment in our futures and trying new things! But think of it this way. You could easily spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on a gym membership and never actually go! MerryBody removes the resistance of going to the gym, as you can access the studio everywhere you go! Having weekly NEW classes will create the consistency you’ve been looking for. Consistency builds habits and huge momentum for body and mind rejuvenation. We are excited for you to be part of MerryBody!

Yes! All prices are in Australian Dollars. $37 per month or $28.70 per month (billed annually, you save $100!). When you join monthly, your payment will be deducted on the same day each month. When you join annually, your payment will be deducted on the same day every year.

Carla is a qualified yoga teacher, completing her 250 hour teacher training and Yin Yoga Training, as well as multiple Meditation training. Emma is a qualified Pilates Mat and Barre instructor. Both ladies completed training at Essence of Living Academy with world-renowned trainer, Michelle Cassidy. Carla has continued her Yoga training with Creature Yoga Byron Bay, Ritual Yoga and Pilates Palm Beach, and Arhanta Yoga India. They also teach in real life at the Essence of Living studio each week on the Gold Coast. They’re committed to further their learning and this shines through every aspect of the MerryBody Studio.

We’ve made everything really easy to access, with a simple password access to the entire studio which you’ll receive as soon as you join. And of course, if you ever get stuck you can get in touch via our 1-on-1 live chat support OR email the MerryBody team here.

Our MerryBody classes are perfect for all levels of fitness and abilities. Whether you’re starting out or have practiced before we provide progression and regression options to ensure your workout is safe, fun and rejuvenating!

We always say there are plenty of options for exercise out there but there’s no MerryBody. We’ve designed the workout classes and meditations to specifically create confidence and  remind you of your amazingness. PLUS, the classes strengthen and lengthen the body, oh and they’re fun. So it’s a win win. The biggest difference about the MerryBody Studio is the focus on mindset shifts. Not only will your body feel amazing, but you’ll also learn to create a sense of fulfillment, joy, and contentment each and every day.

Every Monday (AEST) a new class will be released. Unlike most subscriptions your classes never expire, you’ll have access to everything inside MerryBody for the length of your membership. A new meditation and monthly focus will be released every first Monday of the month and the quarterly masterclasses are added every 3 months.

YES! This is why we do Yoga! We used to not be able to touch our toes when we bent over… and now we can, because we practised! Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

We recommend aiming for 2-5 MerryBody classes each week. Of course, if your body feels great go ahead and schedule in some more sessions! There is so much variety inside the Studio! Feel like a blissful stretch session? We got you covered. After a high-intensity Pilates booty burn… you’ll find it inside MerryBody Studio. Maybe you’re after both? Then you’ll love the fusion classes! Each week a new class is released, keeping you motivated and consistent with your practice. Yes! You’ll actually enJOY moving your body!

All you need is an electronic device (computer, laptop, mobile or tablet) along with an internet connection! All classes and meditations can either be streamed using high-quality hosts to ensure the integrity of MerryBody videos and recordings are maintained OR natively downloaded onto your MerryBody App (here’s how to download). Yes! This means you can pre-download classes for when you have bad or no internet connection.

Head over to this blog post to find out how to get MerryBody onto your TV.

YES! All members are welcome to become MerryBody Advocates. Sign up here.

You will be able to upgrade your MerryBody Membership from Monthly to Annual at any time. All you have to do is email us here and let us know and the team will arrange your upgrade!

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