Emma and Carla Papas, founders of the Merrymaker Sisters and MerryBody Online Studio.

The real-life sisters are Yoga, Pilates and Meditation teachers.

They quit their full time government desk jobs in July 2014 to follow their bliss.

Since then it’s been a messy, magic ride of a life time (and they’re not afraid to share it all with you).

Founders of MerryBody Online Studio which gives you unlimited access to Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes.

The classes make you strong, flexible and toned. But the real difference? It’s movement driven by acceptance, respect and above all… JOY.

The sister duo have created the #1 mobile recipe App Get Merry, published the best selling healthy cookbooks Make It Merry and Get Merry, and are hosts of the #1 GetMerry podcast.

Every month they reach over 200 000 people through their products and platforms, with a mission to live in a world where people finally accept, love and respect their bodies and themselves.

Making the move up to Australia’s sunny Gold Coast from their hometown of Canberra.

The real-life sisters and business partners love good coffee, yoga, pilates, real conversation, ideas that come with a sparkle in the eye, stories filled with truth and looking at the world in wonder.


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