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During 2014 we had the intention to become more mindful and include meditation in our daily routine. We’re definitely NOT letting go of this intention for 2015! Nope, no way! In fact we’re going to make it an even bigger priority for us! We’ll be sharing more personal experiences and info on these topics so you guys can reap the same benefits we have!

We are so excited about our collaboration with Smiling Mind on the #7Days7Ways mindful movement! It’s a social, online mindfulness movement aimed at encouraging us all to engage in positive activities to make the start of  our new year a mindful one.

From Monday 16th of February – Sunday 22nd February 2015 we’ll be sharing different ways to bring mindfulness in to your life. We’re asking you to join us and make the pledge to be more mindful in everyday life.

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Each day will focus on a different aspect of mindfulness, think:  mindful eating, daily affirmations, mindful moments, gratitude, beauty and bliss.

Mindfulness can be described as the non-judgemental awareness of experiences in the present moment. AKA living in the now. Afterall, NOW is all we ever have! Becoming more mindful and including meditation in our lives really brought on some positive life changes. It drastically lowered our stress levels (Carla especially used to be a stress head… now, not a stress head! #winning),  it improves our work productivity and attention, it supports all life goals and it just makes us nicer people… sounds good, right?!

Keen to join the #7days7ways Mindfulness Movement? Yay! Of course you are! All you have to do is SIGN UP HERE!


Each day you’ll receive a special email all about the day’s mindfulness focus (it also includes pretty Instagramable images, like the the ones in this post!).

Tied in to the #7days7ways campaign is a community fundraising initiative with the goal to raise $7K in 7 days, ultimately helping Smiling Mind continue to bring mindfulness to the masses! Smiling Mind aims to raise awareness of positive and proactive mental health tools and to see Mindfulness Meditation on the Australian Curriculum by 2020. Another reason why we completely LOVE Smiling Mind. Donations can be made here!


Remember, all you have to do is sign up for the #7days7ways and you’ll be sure to have a smile on your mind in no time.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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