Get over $2k worth of healthy products for $29.97!

We’re so excited to be part of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle once again! When you grab your bundle you pay $29.97 (US) and get 96 products worth $2,235.92. Yes, we know it’s actually all kinds of ridiculous amazing! Check the bundle out here!

The most exciting thing is that the self-paced MerryBody 1 program is part of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle! So this means even if you just get it for the self-paced MerryBody program you are saving money!

PLUS we’ve actually never sold the self-paced program to anyone (except for people who have participated in the live programs!).

OK… it’s not got the magical live aspect or the private group but it’s still got all the Pilates and Yoga classes, the mindset sessions and the workbook! 


So when you get your bundle you’ll have access to 62 eBooks, 12 printable packs & workbooks, 20 eCourses and 2 membership sites.

We know this is an insane amount and you can CLICK OVER HERE to see a full list of products but we’ve selected a few standouts.

Love Your Adrenals: 7 Day Kickstart by Jules Galloway (worth $37.00)

If you need a helping hand to get your health on track, Jules has got your back! This program takes you through the FIRST STEPS to healing adrenal fatigue, with amazing healthy food, daily activities, plus ninja tips for self-care and stress relief.

We love Jules! We’ve interviewed her many times on the podcast and she’s been part of our old challenges. She is a woman filled with epic knowledge about all things gut health, adrenal health and hormones. 

Go Grain Free by Jill Tieman ($67.00)

Go Grain Free is a self-paced, online cooking class featuring grain free, additive free, dairy free and refined sugar free recipes that are appropriate for healing diets such as SCD, GAPS and Paleo.

We know changing your diet can be quite overwhelming. This course sounds so perfect to transition your cooking style from the regular diet to grain free/paleo.


>> Get your bundle HERE!

Women’s Health Masterclass by Wardee Harmon ($99.00)

The Women’s Health masterclass contains the Women’s Health eBook plus 10 masterclass videos.

Women’s health is so different from men’s health. Each needs its own approach. This masterclass sounds amazing and if you prefer to learn by watching and listening to reading this masterclass series is for you!

Fix Your Period 5-Day Cleanse: The Perfect Jumpstart to Get Your Hormones Back on Track by Nicole Jardim ($37.00)

The Fix Your Period 5-Day Cleanse will help you ditch the junk and eat the very best hormone-balancing and cycle-friendly foods. Symptoms like PMS, period pain, acne, fatigue, heavy periods, breast pain and irregular bleeding are alleviated or resolved.

We include this because we both ‘broke’ our periods. They disappeared ( for Carla 1.5 years and Emma 2 years) but now after eating well and changing the way we move they are back (YAYAYAYA!). If your period is MIA it’s time to get it back!

4-Week Total Paleo Reset Plan by Irena Macri of Eat Drink Paleo ($45.00)

Working with leading experts in wellness and nutrition, Irena Macri has created a 4-week plan that will help you reset your body and gain all the health and wellbeing benefits of the paleo diet while eating delicious, real food.

You know we love Irena, she has amazing delish recipes. If you’re looking for more recipe inspiration this is for you!

Unhinge the Binge: The Answer to Emotional, Binge and Stress Eating by Jenny Eden Berk ($297.00)

Heal your relationship with food by using mindful and intuitive based techniques and tapping into inner wisdom.

Big topic here. Big important topic! If you binge, if you stress/emotion eat this is for you. And don’t you worry, we’ve been there. It’s totally life-consuming but once you free yourself get ready for full steam ahead life! The bundle is worth it for this product alone (and MerryBody of course hehe).

The Keto Paleo Cookbook: 53+ Mouth-Watering Recipes To Burn Fat and Nourish Your Body by Louise Hendon ($29.99)

A full-color cookbook filled with 53+ delicious recipes that are both Paleo and Keto compliant.

The keto diet is everywhere at the moment but have you noticed lots of recipes have dairy? This recipe collection is perfect for you if you want to try keto but still stick to your dairy-free eating.

The bundle is only available from Wednesday 5 September 10 pm till Tuesday 10 September 4:59 pm. 

>> Get your bundle here!

These products will inspire you and help you live healthy and happy! Just $29.97 (US) and get 96 products worth $2,235.92.  

If you have any questions just ask away!

Always Merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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