100: Shame and shadows with Karly Nimmo


We had this idea for our episode 100. Actually, it wasn’t our idea… heaps of other people have done this. We wanted to get someone else to interview us. It would be a huge celebration of goodness to mark this epic 100 number.

Did you catch the title? Shame and shadows.

Yeh, it’s full of goodness but not what we expected and probably not what you expect either (now you have to listen, yeh?).

We asked our amazing, beautiful, red headed, potty mouthed friend AKA Karly Nimmo AKA the sexual dancing goddess (this will make sense if you listen and yes Karly, we are officially keeping you accountable) to do the interview. If you know Karly you know she doesn’t do stuff inside the box so when we gave creative control we quickly realised anything was possible.

And please note. This episode contains swear words. 

So Karly rocks up to our house. We catch up (saaah fun), talk about our Merry apartment picnic happening later this same day (best kinda love fest), sit on the couch with our microphones ready and Karly throws in the topic of our conversation…


To be honest this was me in my head (it’s Emma FYI)… I don’t really even know what the term shadow means, I’ve heard it so much, I’ve read about it, but never ever have I thought about my shadows. Woah. WTAF am I gonna to say… 

So it turns out I have lots in my shadows. Also turns out it feels bloody good talking about them and bringing them to the light. 

Here’s the stuff we talk about…

  • What Carla hides in her shadows, how they were ‘good’ things and yoga brought them out. 
  • Emma’s addiction to external validation.
  • Relationships, break ups, ups and downs.
  • Depression.
  • Expectations.
  • Pilates and yoga duhhhh. 
  • Dancing and being a sexual goddess.
  • Shame! Wow what an interesting topic.

Let us know what you think! And also if you do the #ShameShare let us know and tag us @themerrymakersisters! 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Also, remember you’re not alone. If you need to chat to anyone about anything you’re going through and need extra support you can call Lifeline.

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