188: money, how to make, save it and spend it


We don’t talk about money often on the Get Merry podcast but it sure is an important life topic! We’ve changed our mindsets around money in huge ways, we’ve really focused on it during these last 2 years especially. 

Stuff we talked about…

  • We chat about our old money mindsets, super scarcity mode, then we went to head in sand mode with money, now we are smart and focus on an abundant mindset around money.
  • Your childhood and how your parents or carers talked about money has a huge impact on your money mindset.
  • Ways to be smarter with your money and expenses. 
  • The importance of figuring out what you actually want to do in life so you don’t end up wasting money on random stuff. 
  • Chat about minimalism. Do you really need ALL the things to lead a happy life? 
  • Does money even make you happy? There’s a study that says once you make the first $100k, money has no direct impact on happiness levels. 
  • How you make money is important. Do you like your job or business? 
  • Should we save our money? Or spend it? Or invest it? 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash

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