10 keto dessert recipes to try!

Have you been testing out the keto diet? The low carb high fat kinda thing? Yes? Then we’re guessing you’re probably on the look out for some delish keto dessert recipes! Are we right? Of course we are!

We searched the interwebz and found some epically yummy looking keto dessert recipes. And all we can say is that we can not wait to start testing out more ketogenic recipes.

We’re not big on counting numbers and macros and what not (we know this is needed for keto) but most of these recipes do have the carb vs. fat thing sorted for you. Not ours (haha).


10 Keto dessert recipes 

Merrymaker good fat cake

This is an oldie goodie favourite recipe of ours! Pretty sure we lived off this for about a month. Whooooops. So yum, so easy, so full of good fats! We have 2 versions, OG first recipe (chocolate flavour, above picture) and same same but different recipe (less chocolate, add peanut butter… see below!).

Lemon raspberry sweet rolls

What the actual heck these things look ah-freaking-delish-mazing. Please mind the cheese, not for those who are dairy free but if keto is your thing… these sweet rolls should be your thing! 


Sugar free coconut ice

Well, this might be the most prettiest keto recipe we ever did see! Looks super easy to make as well! Grab the recipe here. Beets are not super keto friendly and this is what is used to make the pink colour. But if you are strictly keto you will know your numbers. We don’t. 😉 


Lime tarts

These look so delish and we are adding them to our ‘to-make list’! They use avocados. Good fats, tick! Grab the recipe!

Keto brownies

Well this looks all kinds of fun and yum! It’s a skillet brownie so we feel like this adds to the fun factor! Check out the recipe!

Low-Carb-Sugar-Free-Skillet-Brownies (1)

Low carb coconut chocolate bars

So we guess they are like bounty chocolate bars. YARRRRRM! These look delish as! Check them out here.

3 ingredient peanut butter fudge

Minimal ingredients ALWAYS wins! We have a feeling this peanut butter fudge is gonna taste a lot like… well… peanut butter. Lucky peanut butter is the most delish thing ever! Grab the recipe over here.


Chocolate almond joy bars

This recipe has layers so you know it’s got a few extra steps, but we always say those layers are oh so worth it! Grab the recipe!

Keto carrot cheesecake muffins

Ooooh we’re loving all this cheese. Well, actually Carla not so much since she’s lactose intolerant whoooopz. Every now and again thing for her. Emma can eat… ALL. THE. CHEESE! Grab the recipe!

If you’re doing this whole keto thing hardcore or even if you’re just dabbling, let us know how you’re going! We’re keen to hear about your experiences! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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