10 Reasons We Love to Bike Ride

One of our many missions is to save the world (as much as we can of it) + our  cell bikes, Harry + Freddy (yes, we named them) are definitely helping us achieve this. We’ve fallen head over heels in love with our bikes, they’re super cute + they just make us happy.

With cars + public transport so easily within our reach, bike riding kind of got forgotten about… but not any more. Seems more + more people are jumping on their bikes + peddling their way from A to B. To these people we say “YAY!” If you’re contemplating whether a bike might be a good investment for you… watch our new super cute video, featuring all the reasons we love to bike ride… it might make your decision a whole lot easier! Next year we’re planning loads of bike + brekky meet ups, so keep an eye out!

Here’s our 10 reasons we love to bike ride…

one: to breathe the fresh air.

two: faster than walking (feels like flying).

three: saves you money.

four: no traffic (if you ride on bike paths).

five: get closer to nature (see magical things).

six: you feel like a kid (it’s fun!).

seven: slows down life.

eight: exercise bonus!

nine: saves the world (no harmful chemicals come out of it).

ten: it’s super cute.

10 reasons we love to bike ride. Do you have other reasons? We’d love to hear, just leave a comment!

Always merrymaking,

e & c


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