113: Ageless: women breaking age barriers and squeezing the life out of every stage with Rachael Jansen


Why you should listen to this episode: if you ever find yourself thinking you should be at ‘this’ point of life when you reach ‘this’ age. 

We chat with the AMAZING Rachael Jansen who shares her story on being ‘ageless’ and why it’s more about stages… rather than ages. 

This is the stuff we talked about:

  • how women are stereotyped by their age.
  • how women are seen (or we see ourselves) as invisible when we reach a certain age.
  • why the term ‘middle aged’ is irrelevant.
  • how our thoughts and beliefs around women and men start from our school years.
  • why we need to start celebrating all ages of women. 

Read Rach’s amazing article about ‘Middle Aged’ and check out her stuff at rachaeljansen.com.au

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Emma + Carla

Feature image by Simon Rae on Unsplash

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