114: Integrative women’s health, what you actually need to know with Dr Rach Wyndham


Why should you listen to this episode with Dr Rach: if you are human. Seriously. Everyone should listen to this episode. We are so #blessed to have Dr Rachel Wyndham in our lives, as a friend and doctor. She’s a naturopath and a medical doctor. So cool! 

We feel like this episode is so important for everyone to listen to. We adore Dr Rach, she brings a warm, grounded, fun and strong energy to the room, you’ll be able to feel it when you listen.  She shares information about health and illness in a non-scary way.  

Stuff we talk about…

  • How we are all made of cells and energy and hormones. So awesome to hear Dr Rach talk about this. 
  • Googling your symptoms (yes, we know you all have).
  • Dr Rach talks about the 10 day silent meditation she went on. She believes EVERYONE should do this.
  • How we have 7 year stages in our lives.
  • Dr Rach talks about her time working in palliative care.
  • Her experience as a medical Doctor and a Naturopath. The importance of both practices. 
  • How to manage our health. Like not waiting until we are really sick before we go visit our GP.
  • How our thoughts and emotions impact our health. 
  • Just listen. 

If you want more info or you’d like to book an appointment (in real life OR via Skype) with Dr Rach head on over here.

If you loved the episode let us know! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

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