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Jasmin Kechel creator of Lemon Canary is some kinda magic. We had so much fun chatting and listening to her views on all things from chakras to business and we even got to the whole meaning of life thing. Cool, hey. 

If you haven’t heard of Lemon Canary you are gonna wanna check it out. Especially if you love beautiful things.

You would have seen some of her amazing essential chakra oils, soy candles and mists featured on our Instagram stories. But the current showstopper has got to be the Aphrodite Bowl. 


Aphrodite.. now online.. ?

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Guaranteed, once you listen you’ll get inspired to go out and live your truth and also probably laugh a whole heap.

Stuff we talk about…

  • Chakras and how to tell when yours are out of balance. Jas mentioned her DIY chakra test.
  • Business stuff. The importance of pouring love into it.
  • The importance of meditation and stillness. How to use meditation to help you make big decisions. 
  • How we as a society are not living in our innate truth.
  • Relationships and connection. The meaning of life. 

Learn more about Lemon Canary over here!

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Always merrymaking,

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