144: why the keto diet actually might suck with Dr Rach Wyndham


We’ve dabbled in low carb eating (hello low carb sweet treats are the best!) but keto has never ever been our thing because we hate counting food and we just know (call it intuition) that good carbs are not our enemies. 

We wanted to chat all things keto diet because we are getting lots of people asking about it and we’re seeing a new wave of ketogenic supplements (yes, another quick fix to shortcut weightloss).

Becuase we do not have great scientific knowledge in how the human body functions we asked our good friend Dr Rachel Wyndham to join us. Yes, an actual Doctor and Naturopath who spent YEARS of her life studying the human body from two very different perspectives. 

We also want to put a disclaimer out right now. If you are a big fan of keto, if it’s worked for you, if you sell a keto supplement product this is not a personal attack on you. This is simply us taking an interest with curiosity and questioning everything. 

And if you do buy or sell any kind of ‘health’ product we’d suggest you question everything. Remember these guys are actually in the marketing game… so of course, everything sounds all kinds of wonderful.

We’d always suggest taking time and effort to do your own research (especially if you are selling a product) and NO not just research given to you from the people you are selling on behalf of (haha… duh). 

Other stuff we talked about…

  • what is the keto diet? 
  • the good aspects of the keto diet.
  • why the keto diet is not a forever diet.
  • how the keto diet can actually do further damage to your health.
  • why taking a supplement with ketones is a bit odd.
  • how to lose weight in a healthy way. 

Tune in, agree, disagree but also do further research. 

We will leave you with our weight loss advice… 

  • Eat real food, with lots of vegetables, good fats, good quality meats.
  • Don’t eat too much. Like actually stop when you are full.
  • Don’t eat refined carbs… every now and then eat the corn chips (or insert your fave thing) and love them! 
  • Stay away from refined sugar and processed food. Coz it’s not really food! 
  • Move every day in a loving fun-filled way. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes to start.
  • Love and accept yourself NOW. Not just when you lose 10 kgs. 
  • Love and accept yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself.

Don’t forget to check out Dr Rach over HERE.

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

Feature image via i yunmai

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