166: tall poppy syndrome, stop criticising others and start encouraging them!


Tall poppy syndrome describes aspects of a culture where people who are excelling are resented, attacked, put down or criticised because they have been classified as ‘superior’ to their peers.  It sucks and it’s fairly common, especially in Australia. We’ve all probably done it… and we’ve all probably felt the impact at one stage or another. 

Either way, it’s time to stop criticising others when they are excelling and start showing support and encouragement. Coz why the hell not?!  

During this episode, we discuss this topic and take you through super easy action steps to be a nicer, kinder human.

Remember, we never come from a place of perfection… we are all human, we stuff up, we make mistakes. But it’s all about how fast we come back to our higher, truthful self and how much awareness we have about our behaviour.

Stuff we talked about…

  • what is tall poppy syndrome?
  • why would we criticise others? Do we do it to make ourselves feel better?
  • bullies at school, when you get straight as you’re the ‘teacher’s pet’.
  • research performed in New Zealand in 2015 shows that a culture of tall poppy syndrome may result in a reduction in average performance of up to 20%.
  • now, it’s your time to SHINE BRIGHT!

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