173: how to consciously use social media

We don’t attack social media in this episode, because we LOVE social media but sometimes we use social media in a very unconscious way. Tune into this episode to create a better relationship with your phone and create a positive social media habit. 
Do you feel anxiety after being on social media? Do you feel awful after using social media? Are you sick of endless scrolling and feeling disconnected? Are you addicted to the likes, views and comments?  

Stuff we talked about…

  • Bring awareness to your use of social media. Maybe you don’t even have a problem. Or maybe you do, now it’s time to make a change!
  • Set an intention or a purpose for your social media. Say to yourself “I’m going on Facebook to connect with my friends who are overseas right now” or “I am going on Facebook to stalk my ex” HAHA and this is when we can stop ourselves because does stalking your ex make you feel good? NOPE! 
  • Turn off notifications. Seriously, do this now. Stop letting social media interrupt your life and instead decide when you want to go on. If it’s an emergency people will find another way to contact you. 
  • Monitor how long you spend on social media each week.
  • Hide your apps in a hard to find place.
  • Curate your feed! Only follow people, brands and accounts that inspire, educate, entertain. 
  • If you have a biz, create your content, then schedule your posts.
  • Be present and mindful when you use social media.
  • The obsession and addiction of external validation (getting those views and likes and comments!).
  • Learn how to not feel awful after using social media!

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Emma + Carla

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