179: 5 min pep talk | ageing is a luxury


Oh this pep talk is a good topic, something we’re excited to talk more about! We’ve decided we are pro-ageing. YES, we will be celebrating every new wrinkle and every grey hair (look we probably will dye the greys for a while!). BUT we really do believe that every year, every new wrinkle is a blessing. 

Our 5-minute pep talks are designed to give you a burst of inspiration, something you can go back to again and again when you feel like you need it. 5 minutes to get you grounded, content and realise that maybe everything is going to be ok. 

We start with a quote. Words that speak to our souls, they open our hearts, words that shake up our perspective, that give us chills. And then we discuss for 5 minutes.

Soul words of the week…

“Ageing is a luxury” – Drew Barrymore  

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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