183: confidence is not something you’re born with | 5 min pep talk


Listen for just 5 minutes and be reminded that you can build your self-confidence at any time and any age. Because confidence isn’t something you’re born with, once you have this awareness you can actively create it from the inside out. 

Soul words of the week…

“Confidence is not something you’re born with. It is built up over time from the positive and negative experiences in our lives — the powerful result of this being that hard-won confidence is also hard to destroy. It isn’t always loud or forceful. It’s not about popularity or winning. Nor is it about putting others down to make yourself bigger. You don’t need words of praise or support from others to feel it. You only need you. And I think the best part about finding and harnessing this power within yourself is that it gives other women permission to do so, too.” Marina Diamandis via Instyle.

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