21 Affirmations To Help You Shift Your Mindset


Each and every month we choose a new theme inside MerryBody Studio. This month, April 2022, it’s Mindset. Yes, it’s rather broad but extremely important!

We’ve also been running a 21 Day Yoga and Pilates Challenge. This time around we’ve also added daily affirmations, which fits perfect with our theme of mindset. 

Read and get inspired, save it for when you might need to see things a little different.

We also chatted about this topic on our podcast. It goes live tomorrow! 

21 Affirmations To Help You Shift Your Mindset

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“I invite all new energy and possibilities.”

“I am chasing my dreams and achieving my goals.”

“I believe in myself.”


“I can be anything I want.”

“I am prepared to release whatever does not serve me well.”

“The unknown does not scare me.”

“I have faith in myself.”

“My weight does not define my worth.”

“I don’t compare myself to others.”

“I may not be there yet, but I am one step closer than I was yesterday.”

“Challenges will only help me grow.”

“I radiate love, it shines from within.”

“My potential is limitless.”

“I welcome all new opportunities and experiences.”

“I am capable.”

“No one can stop me from blossoming”

“No one is you and that is your superpower.”

“I am learning to accept my body.”

“I am blessed beyond measure.”

“I am grateful for the ability to create such a beautiful life.”

“I am amazing, just as I am, right here, right now.”

If you loved reading through these 21 affirmations to shift your mindset we have a feeling you might also love to check out MerryBody. It’s exercise but it’s also a practice of self-acceptance and self-belief. Each and every time you roll out the mat, it’s an anchor to these mindset shifts. 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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