21: How to Take Action An Introduction to Processes and Outsourcing with Dan Norris

Merrymakers and Dan Norris

In episode 21 on #MerryBiz we talk ACTION. It’s 55 minutes of epic inspiration. We KNOW it’s what you need to take the leap to make your next step. 

We all have big ideas and big plans. The difference between the people who get to realise their dreams and the people who just keep planning is one little word: ACTION.

The question we get asked so much about our business is: how do you do it all? How do you get so much done? 

And the answer is simple. We take action. We take small step after small step, action after action and it turns into epic results. Either that or we quickly realise our plan was crap and move onto something else where we take small step after small step… action after… ok ok, you get it. We take action.

Easier said than done, right? We all get caught up on what tools we’re supposed to use, or the design of the logo, or will that product even sell? Ooo we don’t know, maybe we should do another survey.

All this is great but nothing beats taking action to validate an idea. Nothing beats putting something out into the big wide world, seeing if people want it, then working out next steps.

Sounds scary. But it ain’t. Today on #MerryBiz we get together with Dan Norris, the KING of taking action and getting sh!t done. 

We get into some good stuff that has seriously given us the kick up the butt we need to take action to help Merrymakers grow even more!

Here’s what we cover:

  • how to create processes and why we need them
  • outsourcing: how to start and how to decide what to outsource
  • virtual assistants: how much do they cost and what can they do? 
  • tools to help you automate your business
  • the 7 day challenge that’s going to give you the kick up the butt you’re looking for!

Oh, yes, about that 7 Day Start Up Challenge!

If you have a business, a product or a service that you’ve been wanting to launch. Then right NOW is the time to take action!

Join Dan Norris for his FREE 7 Day Start Up Challenge. You won’t regret it! We’re taking part, it’s going to be a whole lot of fun… full of, you guessed it… ACTION!


Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

p.s if you LOVED this episode and it’s helped you in any way, please SHARE it with your friends! Maybe it’s the kick up the butt they need… just like we needed it!

p.p.s listen to our FIRST interview with Dan Norris HERE! It’s good!

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