245: Should we be setting goals right now?

In the light of the situation (global pandemic) that we’re all living through right now, it’s like we’ve been given this time and space to take stock of everything, an opportunity to re-look and re-evaluate at our goals.

But with this also comes the pressure to get it all done and the anxiety of not doing enough during this time. 

Stuff we talk about…

  • Not having time is just an excuse. The truth is that we can always create this time and space for ourselves if we want to.
  • The idea of setting a goal does not necessarily have to be more, more, more. It could also be less.
  • A goal is not only about ticking your to-do lists but also being more present, living in the moment and being with the people you love.
  • A sense of accomplishment and achievement is important, but what’s more important is how we do it.
  • Should we be teaching kids to strive right now? Instead of striving, how about teaching them how to survive and cope with change?
  • Instead of using this time to achieve and strive, can we use this time to feel more joy?

If you’re feeling excited and expansive about this time, then you gotta run with that, take action, create, make it happen.

BUT if you’re feeling anxious and worried then maybe you need to stop for a moment, check-in and tune in to what you truly desire.

You’re allowed to just breathe and live. Relax and give yourself permission to explore and get creative. 

Remember that with or without goals, you are enough just as you are.

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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Photo by Stephan Seeber on Unsplash

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