257: Check in with your expectations and life will be better

Lately, we’ve been having many conversations about expectations. Expectations on ourselves and the expectations, we feel from others. We know they’re all made up in our heads but they really do make a huge impact on our lives. And can create A LOT of unnecessary stress.

Stuff we talk about…

  • How we create high expectations of ourselves and attach to the idea that we’re not good enough until we reach these expectations.
  • It’s okay to expect but also accept because no human is perfect.
  • Not being afraid to have a difficult conversation because you hate conflict. 
  • Household chores,  random? Tune in, it will make sense! 
  • How it’s important to check in with your goals and be mindful of the positive and negative impacts. Example, your job promotion might mean more money BUT it might mean more stress and less time for stuff you love.
  • It’s easier to judge and label others, it’s more difficult to take action with love.

Remember that right here, right now, you are amazing just as you are. Hold this in your heart and go on with your life.

Yes, grow and achieve, but also remember… before you were amazing! Now you’re amazing and once you achieve your desired goals you are amazing. 

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Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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Photo by Carolina Heza on Unsplash

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