262: Book Review: Women Who Run with the Wolves

We’re so excited about this episode! A review of one of our favourite books, Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. This book completely changed our perspectives on life, it’s our bible.

The book is a beautiful collection of myths, legends, fairy tales and metaphors for life.

Stuff we talked about…

  • What being a wild woman means. It’s doing life as she chooses to do it, not how society says. It’s not about being crazy or out of control, but being free and out of the cage.
  • The story of The Skeleton Woman, the right partner will travel to the depths of the ocean with you. The right people will stay around and will be there to help you through the ups and downs of life.
  • In relationships, when two people come together, they don’t become one. They become more.
  • In the story of Vasalisa, it reminds us to connect and use our own intuition to decide which way to go. If we’re relying on other’s opinions before we make decisions, we feel disconnected to our intuition.
  • It’s never too late to blossom.
  • The story of Bluebeard teaches us that there are predators in our lives who are out to bring us down and get us. As women, especially young women, we can meet men/partners who might not be the right one for us and could be a predatory figure who gives us everything except freedom.
  • Life/death/life cycle means letting go and waiting for the rebirth. We have to surrender and believe that after the death will soon be the rebirth.
  • Find the wise women and look to them for guidance. And, be the wise woman to someone else.

There are so many wonderful stories inside this book and we highly recommend reading it. If there’s one book that greatly impacted our lives, it’s this book. It’s like a key that unlocks everything.

We had so much fun re-telling our favourite stories. If you read the book or tune in to the audiobook, let us know. 

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Photo by Thomas Bonometti on Unsplash

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