281: Bridgerton Review, number one show on Netflix

We’re really excited about this episode! We chat Bridgerton, the number 1 most-watched original Netflix series right now.

Yes, we watched it and joined in all the fun… along with the 82 million Netflix subscribers. Set in 1813 England, think Gossip Girl and Jane Austin then get ready for beautiful 19th century balls gowns and sexy suits.  

Oh, warning, there are lots of spoiler alerts in the episode! Also we do touch on some subjects like sex, masturabtion and abortion.

Stuff we talked about…

  • It makes you question marriage and why we have it. Back then, marriage was more of a business transaction, not a love match.
  • It is fine for men and women to dress up and impress to get attention. But what is wrong is the societal pressure that comes with it.
  • Sex education, pleasure and masturbation.
  • We chat about abortion as one of the characters is pregnant out of wedlock (a great sin back then). 
  • Men experience the pressure of being the breadwinner, supporter and protector.
  • How great the costumes were. Corsets may look great but for us, feeling comfortable is more important.
  • Julie Andrews is Lady Whistledown! 

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Photo by Netflix

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