283: Yoga is so much more than perfect poses, doing the splits and handstands

In this episode, we chat about the yogic philosophies in a real-world sense. In our opinions, these are the greatest teachings within yoga (yes, more important than the perfect handstand!) and they are extremely useful in our modern lives.

Stuff we talked about…

  • “All is exactly as it should be”, which falls under the practice of surrender or Ishvara Pranidhama.
  • When we release the perceived control of our lives, suddenly all that happens around us is happening ‘for us’. 
  • Satya is speaking and living your truth. To be truthful and honest to yourself, not just to other people.
  • We’ve been taught not to tell the truth, as in ‘follow the should-be’s’, to be on our best behaviour to always please other people. 
  • What is the ego?
  • Santosha translates to contentment. In order to feel content, we need to accept.
  • Yoga is a tool for us to practice acceptance. Acceptance allows us to be who we truly are. When we accept, we’re also surrendering.

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