290: How to overcome self-doubt

Every human has felt some form of self-doubt wherein every aspect of your life, you have that voice in your mind telling you how much you suck or that you can’t do this or that. In this episode, we chat about self-doubt and how to overcome it.

Stuff we talked about…

  • Fear of rejection, fear of not being loved and fear of not reaching someone else’s expectation are some of the reasons why we have self-doubt.
  • We all have self-doubt. Some people are just better at taking that first step to overcome it.
  • Self-doubt holds us back from doing the things we really want to do.
  • When you have this self-doubting thought, ask yourself “is this true?”
  • Realize how connected our thoughts are to our feelings. (Listen to

    210: what are emotions, interview with clinical psychologist Miriam Emad)

  • The perfect version of ourselves doesn’t exist. Don’t get stuck on that perfection.

We hope that this episode brought awareness to your own self-doubts (if you have any) and that you’ve now got action steps to overcome them.

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