306: Maybe your mediocre life is amazing after all

Maybe your mediocre life is amazing after all? We read the following words from Mark Manson’s Facebook post the other day. These words inspired this conversation.

This right here is in defence of being average: Today, I want to take a detour from our “make more, buy more” culture and argue for the merits of mediocrity, of being blasé, boring and average. Not the merits of pursuing mediocrity, mind you—because we all should try to do the best we possibly can—but rather, the merits of accepting mediocrity when we end up there despite our best efforts. We’re all pretty average at most things.


What do you think? 

Stuff we talked about…

  • Every day of our lives, we’re sold the message to be better, richer, more beautiful and be someone other than you, it can be really overwhelming to think that the version of you right now is not good enough. 
  • To one person, a mediocre life is another person’s extraordinary life. You decide what is mediocre and what is extraordinary. It’s a mindset thing.
  • Life is all about the ebbs and flows. If it’s all extraordinary, then it wouldn’t be extraordinary at all.
  • Embrace the journey. Experience the journey because that is life itself. The life experience is sometimes in the struggle.
  • Don’t stop yourself from feeling joy because you think you don’t deserve it yet.

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Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

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