316: How to make changes and still accept yourself here and now

We’ve had a big journey with this whole mindset around change, especially change to self, whether it’s a body, mindset or a life change. When we first began, it came from a place of “I don’t like who I am now so I’m gonna change and then I’ll love myself.” Then we realized, the only way to love yourself in the future is to love yourself now.

In this episode, we’re talking about the full circle where, “ok, now I love myself but I also want to change” without going back to the old mindset of not feeling good enough.

Stuff we talked about…

  • With the practice of self-acceptance, some people misunderstand it as you’re not allowed to change. But really, change is inevitable in life and you are allowed to want to make a change.
  • It’s all about the reason why and how you’re going to go about the change.
  • We are allowed to desire things and make a change. But, how do we make sure that the journey from A to B is an enjoyable process?
  • When you practice self-acceptance right here right now, the journey toward change is full of joy, gratitude and bliss.

Remember to always come back to the truth that you are amazing right here right now in every aspect of your life. It’s okay to want to make a change. But, look at how the change is being made and the reason behind it.

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