317: Lessons to live intentionally with Kevin Basham

In this episode, we have an amazing guest, Kevin Basham, all the way from UK and we’re so excited that he’s back on the show. If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you would have heard from him on Episode 45: How to Succeed When No One Else Believes in You with Kevin Basham

We love him and lately, we’ve been loving his Instagram content on living intentionally while building success.

Stuff we talked about…

  • You can live intentionally and put your best foot forward. But ultimately, things happen in the world. So, the belief that when we have these goals and if we don’t achieve them, then we’re a failure. Is so stupid.
  • What success means to Kevin. Success is about the endeavour and the adventure of moving forward and doing something meaningful, whether it’s in business, whether it’s in relationships, whether it’s in finances, health, wealth, etc. It’s in the doing more than the arrival point.
  • What Kevin’s weekly structure looks like and how structure equals freedom. You have to really understand yourself to know what works best for you in terms of a work structure. Take your personality test at understandmyself.com.
  • One of Kevin’s rules for “living a meaningful life”. Best relationships are those where you can give more than you take, and let others contribute to you as well. We have to fill each other’s cups up.
  • How Kevin started to practice self-awareness and the turning points and awakenings along the way.
  • Resilience and having a good mindset is something that you develop over a long period of time.

Kevin’s last piece of advice:

“The world is going through some things at the minute that are particularly difficult for people, and you need to really understand what’s going on at the deepest level and be as best as you can for your friends and for your family and stick up for what’s important. If you believe things are unethical or immoral, then you have every right to put your view forward.”

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