328: A rant about dresses that don’t fit

This episode (hehe, ok it’s a rant) was influenced by a recent Facebook post that got quite a lot of attention with a number of very different opinions. We shared a post from Alex Light about Kim Kardashian dropping 16 pounds to fit into her Met Gala dress just by eating tomatoes. Wait, what?

This is what we spoke about

      • You can do what you want with your body, but know that what you say (especially if you’re Kim Kardashian) has power behind it. It’s not something to throw out lightly, even if the tomato comment was taken out of context.
      • We talked more about the issues with before and afters during this episode, 319: Psychologist perspective of before and after photos with Miriam Emad.
      • Going on a crazy starvation diet a week before a special event is common BUT there’s nothing normal or healthy about it. 
      • What we look like, especially our weight, is the least important factor about us.  
      • We agree that Marilyn’s dress should not be altered. It’s an amazing piece of history. Don’t wear it in the first place. That’s it! We are not designed to fit clothes. Clothes are designed to fit us.
      • We are not anti-weight loss. We just care about HOW you do it.

Take some time and reflect on how society and diet culture has impacted you and everyone in your life.

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