335: Carla’s getting married! Does she really need a big fancy wedding?

We took a break last week because there has been so much going on! The most exciting news is that Carla got engaged two weeks ago. Yay! In this episode, we chat all things weddings and marriage.

Weddings are beautiful celebrations of love, but are they really necessary? Are wedding’s just about the big, fat diamond? Enjoy this sister chat, there was no plan, no research. We know many podcasts a beautifully produced, this one is not. Apologies for mispronunciations, faulty statistics and terrible googling.

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Weddings are great economic drivers. If you want to and have the ability to spend that much money on one day, go for it.
  • Originally, the purpose of marriage was to bind men and women to produce legitimate offspring. Romantic huh!  
  • What does marriage and a wedding mean to you? Is it actually something you want?
  • Carla (the younger sister) got engaged before Emma (the older sister) and we do not give a damn.
  • The concept of Epicureanism is finding pleasure in simple things. Having a diamond ring can have the same level as looking at a sunset or a sunrise. 
  • Carla’s engagement story. How Joel (her fiancé) proposed to Carla and how she knew it was happening.

We want to hear about all the weddings. Tell us about your wedding, your best friend’s wedding, your sister’s or your brother’s. Hate them or love them?

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Always merrymaking,
Emma + Carla

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