336: What to do when your friends won’t stop talking about diets

Your best friend is on a new diet and they’re telling you about it, maybe they’re even trying to convince you to try it. But you’ve recently set the intention to STOP dieting.

You realise the massive impact Diet Culture has had on your life. Maybe it led to constant self-criticism or disorderly eating?

How do we deal with this better? What do you do when your friends won’t stop talking about diets?

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Diet culture allows and inspires people to put themselves in harm so they can look a certain way and it’s time to say, NO, no more!
  • Step away, walk away and leave the conversation the quickest, easiest way.
  • Change the subject. Have a story ready for you to interject when you’re stuck in this conversation of diet culture.
  • Be open and honest to them that you’re not talking about diet anymore because of XYZ. 
  • Make them aware that you’re not into diet culture but do it with kindness and not anger. Maybe send them an article about body acceptance and make them feel like they have discovered it (haha).
  • Decide that you don’t want to be a part of these conversations anymore.

Step forward with a new perspective and awareness that instead of focusing on calories, diets, your weight, other people’s weight and judgment, you’re going to read a book, learn a language, learn to dance, paint, draw, go on a walk in nature, meditate, do yoga and Pilates, build an online business, and so many better things to do.

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