34 Quotes About Devotion to Inspire you to go for your Goals


It’s January 2024 and our theme for the month inside our MerryBody Community is Devotion. Looking at self-improvement you’ll hear a lot about how you need to be disciplined to reach your goals. But what if you used the word ‘devoted’ instead? Take a read of these 34 quotes about devotion, no doubt they will get you feeling inspired to take a step towards your goals.

When you think about it, we are all devoted to many things.

Perhaps you are devoted to your kids, your family or your friends? Maybe it’s to your health? Perhaps it’s to your career goals or social life? Or maybe you are devoted to your TV shows or books? 

To figure out what you are devoted to, think about who and what you think about most. What do you make time for? What and who do you prioritise? 

There is no right or wrong answer here. But it’s a great idea to have self-awareness around what you are devoted to because so often you can be devoted to something you don’t want to be devoted to.

For example, we could say we are pretty devoted to scrolling on social media. Urghhh… it’s time to stop this one!  

If you like this idea of devotion, read more about Tapas within Yogic Philosophy. 

Always merrymaking,

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“Devotion is the greatest form of worship.” — Swami Vivekananda

“Devotion is not about being seen. It’s about seeing, about looking through the eyes of love.” — Richard Rohr

“The truest devotion is that which we give with no expectation of return.” — Khalil Gibran

“Devotion is the mother of all virtues.” — Sri Aurobindo

“Devotion is love with wings.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

“Devotion is the art of love in action.” — Jeffrey Fry

“Devotion is loyalty to a promise, no matter how small it seems.” — Shams Tabrizi

“Devotion is the willingness to sit through the rain to witness the beauty of the sunrise.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the bridge between knowing and unknowing.” — Rumi

“Devotion is not just doing, it is doing with love.” — Sadhguru

“True devotion is an expression of selfless love.” — Paramahansa Yogananda

“Devotion is the quiet overflow of a grateful heart.” — Sue Sikking

“Devotion is not a duty, it’s a joy.” — David Jeremiah

“True devotion is not a destination, but a journey of the heart.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the purest form of giving.” — Eckhart Tolle

“True devotion is being true to yourself.” — Dalai Lama


“Devotion is the fragrance of a heart that loves unconditionally.” — Unknown

“True devotion is the surrender of ego at the altar of love.” — Deepak Chopra

“True devotion is measured by the love you give, not the sacrifices you make.” — Wayne Dyer

“Devotion is the key that unlocks the door to unlimited possibilities.” — Byron Pulsifer

“True devotion is not a feeling but a choice to love even when it’s hard.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the language of the heart.” — Jalaluddin Rumi

“True devotion is not bound by time or circumstance.” — Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Devotion is the music of the heart.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

“True devotion is a silent force that transforms the heart.” — Unknown

“True devotion is not a task, but a privilege.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the art of giving oneself to a cause greater than oneself.” — Swami Satchidananda

“Devotion is the secret ingredient that adds flavor to life.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the anchor that keeps us grounded in the storm of life.” — Unknown

“True devotion is the path to inner peace.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the light that guides us through the darkness.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the fire that fuels the engine of life.” — Unknown

“True devotion is the song of the heart.” — Unknown

“Devotion is the compass that points us towards our true north.” — Unknown

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