383: How to trust the process, this is Ishvara Pranidana

Right now, we’re feeling extremely inspired by the discussions we are having with our Yoga Teacher trainees. Every week we have a brand new theme of Yoga philosophy to dive into.  In today’s episode, we focus on Ishvara Pranidana. Perhaps the ultimate tool to move through anxiety.

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This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Ishvara Pranidanais in Sanskrit meaning to surrender to the a higher power. To let go. 
  • Nischala Joy Devi, a world-renowned yoga teacher, describes Niyamas as an evolution towards harmony. She translates Ishvara Pranidana as a wholehearted dedication to the divine.
  • We can create a plan and take all the steps we need in order to get to the place where we’d like to be. But, there’s always an element that we cannot control.
  • It is through wholehearted dedication, that we become intoxicated with the divine.
  • Devotion is the key to unlocking our hearts.
  • Learn to trust the power within, courageously let go and live each moment to the fullest. The path will not unfold unless you walk.
  • I am you. You are me. We are one.
  • Ishvara Pranidana connects us within, to others and the world around us. It helps us move through life with less resistance and more ease. It helps us trust that the path that is unfolding is exactly the path that we should be walking.
  • Anand Mehrotra, says that through the practice of Ishvara Pranidana, Samadhi becomes much more accessible. Samadhi is bliss, enlightenment, and complete unity with the divine.
  • The value of your surrender is directly proportional to the value of your unity.

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