399: Is patience possible over the holiday season?

Although the holiday season is typically associated with joy, it is often filled with unrealistic expectations for events, gifts and family and friend time. This can lead to impatience, frustration and arguments. In this episode, we chat about the importance of patience and ways we can cultivate it during the festive time.

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This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • Patience is a skill that can be learned by adding a pause or taking a breath before reacting.
  • Practising mindfulness and being in the moment helps you gain control and minimise impulsive reactions.
  • Being empathetic helps with being more patient because you become more understanding of other people’s situations.
  • Soften arguments through empathy and don’t dwell on the problem. Focus on the common goal, which is to have a great Christmas together.
  • Set more realistic expectations of each other or just release all expectations of what might happen. Allow yourself to have fun and not let the little things get to you.
  • Cultivating gratitude and laughter during these moments spent with our loved ones can help us navigate any quirks or annoyances that may arise.
  • Remember, these moments altogether don’t happen all the time!

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