40: Grow your Business with a Podcast with Ronsley Vaz



In episode 40 on #MerryBiz we talk all things podcasting! Because it’s Podcast Week! YAY! 

He’s the host of Australia’s #1 Food & Entrepreneurship podcast – Bond Appetit, that focuses on uniting entrepreneurs through food. Bond Appetit has been listened and downloaded over 1.8 million times.

He’s the creator of We Are Podcast. The first podcasting conference in the Southern Hemisphere. And, the creator of the new podcast show “Should I Start a Podcast”.

We’re so excited to welcome Ronsley Vaz to the #MerryBiz podcast!

Take a listen!

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Some questions we ask… 

  • How can a podcast help a business grow?
  • What’s the future of podcasting… especially in Australia?
  • How do you go about picking a podcast topic? What is your advice?
  • Top 3 tips if you’re just starting out in the podcasting world?

“If you’re willing to listen, you can learn from anything and anyone.”

Some moments of AHA! in this episode…

  • Your authenticity and being YOU is what will set your podcast and online presence apart from the rest. 
  • Create an audience by building on the people who you want to talk to.
  • Almost every business, happiness and life decision involves relationships. It’s important to nurture them!
  • When you set a goal, it’s not about whether you succeed or fail, it’s about the person you become. 
  • Allowing people to get to know you (on a podcast) could be the greatest business decision you make. 

“Every single one of us is unique, build on YOU.”

Links to the extra stuff we talked about…

We are Podcast

Ronsley’s podcast: Bond Appetite

“Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.”

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What was your biggest AHA!?

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“Use empathy to connect to your audience.”

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