409: Try this positive affirmation guided meditation

This is a special episode, we share our 108 Affirmation Meditation from the MerryBody App.

Meditation welcomes mindfulness and focus, and this creates an ideal state for positive affirmation. Affirmations are positive statements that shift negative thoughts. You can use them to help reinforce your desired beliefs.

Meditation and affirmations form a powerful duo for personal growth and wellbeing. Together, they amplify each other’s effects, helping to rewire the brain for positivity and resilience. When combined, meditation calms the mind and cultivates focus, while affirmation welcomes self-confidence and motivation. 

Our MerryBody Members are loving this meditation, hear what some of them are saying about it.

“I just completed the Feel Good Yoga class and finished off with the 108 affirmations, so good” – Jo
“This morning my body still felt quite tired, normally I would have chosen a Yin class, but instead I pressed play on Nadi Shodhana pranayama and then the new meditation in the MB app, 108 affirmations (amazing! I highly recommend it).” – Allie
“I just did the 108 Affirmations meditation. I feel so good now, your voice is so calming” – Irene
“I just did 108 affirmations meditation too! How empowering is it?! So uplifting.” – Tiina

This is what we spoke about during the episode

  • We spoke about the power of Positive affirmations during last week’s episode 408: Do positive affirmations work?
  • Find a seat, or tune in while you’re walking and experience a amazing shift in your thoughts. 
  • Join us for our upcoming 14 Day Challenge on the 20th of May, inside the MerryBody app. We will combine, Movement, Meditation and Affirmation. Download the app and start your 7 day free trial to take part.

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