5 daily habits to boost your self-esteem

We both used to let our low self-esteem, especially when it came to body image, rule our lives.

Why is it that sometimes we can see so much goodness in others, we think the world of them, they’re amazing,  beautiful, kind, smart etc. etc… but when it comes to ourselves… we don’t have a kind word to say.

And we’re certainly not saying we are ‘cured’, the thoughts come back BUT now we are more aware of them and don’t let them suck us into the vortex of low self-esteem and self-loathing.

We also ensure to practise daily habits to boost self-esteem.

In 2021, we no longer have to source our inspiration, news, fashion advice from ‘the top’.

It comes from all over the place! This means there are more diverse opinions and stories in front of our eyes. This means we’re all seeing a more diverse representation across media and advertising.

In this case, in particular, we’re talking about body size but it also crosses over to skin colour, cultural background, sexuality, and more. And yes yes, this all should have happened so so so so long ago and there is obviously a huge way to go.

It’s no longer just Vogue and Hollywood telling us what fashion trends are in and what the ideal body should look like. The ‘everyday person’ (we are all everyday people really, even Hollywood stars) can now be an inspirational figure, a leader, and create a trend. 

It’s inspiring and motivating to see this new diverse range of representation on our social feeds and advertisements.

BUT inspiration doesn’t always cut it… 

Because like us, you’ve probably lived many many years thinking…

I’m not good enough,

I’m too fat,

I’ll never look like her/him/them,

If I just lost weight, then all would be ok.

You know positive affirmations?

Well you’ve been doing the opposite for years.

You’ve been affirming to your mind, body, and soul that YOU are not good enough, that you suck at all the things, that you are TOO FAT.  

And more than likely, this way of living has taken a lot from your life.

It’s taken time, it’s taken great ideas, it’s stopped you from saying YES to the opportunities, the adventures, and… to life itself.

In reality, it’s going to take more than just a few IG stories to move through your BS mindset.

It’s a practice, a daily practice… and it’s possible to make a change. We know this… because we did. 

We make sure we focus on at least 2 of the below self-esteem boosting habits every single day. 

5 daily habits to boost your self-esteem


Do Yoga

Where would we be without Yoga?! It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to shift your state. The best way to get out of the whirling thoughts in your mind is to get into your body, into the present moment. The practice of Yoga releases feel-good hormones, you’ll feel gratitude for your body and it’s the ultimate way to de-stress.

And when you practice Yoga with the intention of self-acceptance, your low self-esteem slips further and further away. 

This is what we do inside MerryBody, our Online Yoga, Meditation, and Pilates Studio. It’s a way of movement, a method, to get fitter and strong but also a method to practice self-acceptance. 

It’s a tool you can keep in your back pocket (literally, because it’s an app on your mobile) to use when you need it most.

To use in those moments of self-doubt and low self-esteem.

In those moments where you need a reminder… that YOU ARE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE (and yes, capitals required).

A tool to use when you need to get out of your head and into your heart.

You can find out more about MerryBody over HERE!

An act of kindness

When you think about it… low self-esteem is extremely focused on yourself. It’s living in the ego. It’s worrying about what others will think of you, it’s thinking you’re not good enough, it’s living in fear. It’s a lot of obsessing about YOU. 

A random act of kindness will get you thinking less about “ME” and more about “WE”.

Do something kind, without expecting anything in return. And know you will get something anyway… a kind gesture simply makes you feel good! 


So often we feel like meditation is over complicated and it scares people away. And yes there is a science to it, yes there are people who prefer to do it in very particular ways… and sometimes those very particular ways don’t seem so doable.

For us, it simply helps you slow down, calm the mind and find some focus in your life. It gets you present and allows you to see with a clearer vision.

For us, it can be 5 minutes of breathing. Time to just be with yourself. Time to let your to-do list go, just for a moment. To recalibrate and find the truth that is right there in front of you… (the truth being that you are already enough, always have been, always will be…). 

When the low self-esteem rolls in we’d suggest to do a guided meditation.

More than likely, if you sit and breathe at this time… your mind will continue to whirl dark untruths. BUT, when you have a guide it’s like there is someone giving you a helping hand. The best part… you can try one right now! 

Carla and Damiano (Emma’s boyfriend) made this amazing Guided Meditation, it’s on Spotify. And you’ll see that not all meditation is rolling waves and bird sounds. 

Good posture

Right now, stand up, roll your shoulders up, back, and down. Feel the slight puff of your chest, the opening of your heart space. Look at the horizon line. Knit the ribs down slightly towards the hips, so as to not overarch and hurt the lower back. Breathe, a big inhale, and then let it all go. 

Ahhh. How do you feel? 


We thought so! 

It’s absolutely proven that how you stand, how you sit, what the shape of your body makes… impacts how you feel. This impacts your thoughts and this impacts your actions and therefore has the potential to change…. EVERYTHING 🤯 Yes, all this from rolling your shoulders back.

“Our bodies change our minds, and our minds can change our behaviour, and our behaviour can change our outcomes.” Amy Cuddy.  

If you struggle with your posture, we highly recommend you try Yoga and Pilates. We noticed a huge improvement in our postures once we started practising and then even more when we became teachers. We have specific posture boosting classes inside our MerryBody Online Studio.

We even have a 15 Minute Better Posture Yoga Class on our YouTube Channel you can try right now! Find it HERE.


Spend time with people you love and who love you

We feel so lucky to have each other. When one is down the other lifts her up… it’s not her job or expected BUT we can depend on each other… always. To have someone there to listen, to hold us, to give comfort and advice. To simply hang out in silence if that is what is required. 

Find your people. Find your community. Give them love and know you will receive it in return. You will feel uplifted, energised, you will feel like you can take on the next hurdle. When we are together we are stronger, our problems seem a little smaller and a little easier to handle. 

Friendship and relationships really are a very special thing. Maybe the most important thing. 

Learn something new

Learning something new proves to you that you are capable, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your confidence. How can you possibly feel low when you are feeling all these amazing things?! It also makes you a happier person. And no we are not making this up… this is often talked about amongst scientists and psychologists. It’s also good for your brain! And the simple act of learning something new is said to even reduce your risk of dementia. 

The cool thing… it’s not like school. You’re not forced to learn about something in particular, YOU GET TO CHOOSE! And often this is why we stop learning after school… but really, you just need a reminder. We’d suggest a simple google search on a random topic that sparks joy… see where it takes you! 

Haha, oh look that’s an extra habit! We really love this topic on daily habits to boost your self-esteem. We are thinking we might even chat about it more on the Get Merry Podcast show. So be sure to keep an ear out, sign up to our newsletter list here so you don’t miss it! 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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