5 standing Pilates classes from MerryBody Online Studio

MerryBody is about making exercise work for YOU and when you do the Pilates, Yoga and Fusion classes it’s an experience you will actually enjoy!

The way we see it, exercise and movement should make life better…and not be a task on your to-do list that you dread. 

It should be FUN, a celebration of you and your body. A celebration of being able to move! A way to feel alive!

It should also be do-able and achievable and this is why we have an epic search function inside MerryBody. So our members can find the right class for them!

When you’re a member you can search the classes and choose areas of the body to focus on, like a booty burner class.

You can easily find a class to de-stress and relax the body, like a yin yoga class.

If you’re in the mood for a challenge, choose from the Challenge classes!

Only got 10 minutes to fit in your workout? Easy peasy… select from the 10 minutes and under classes!

As we said… we want exercise to be do-able for you! 

Earlier today one of our amazing members asked for classes that didn’t put pressure on the knees as she had injured herself. 

We’ve been asked this question before… so we’ll be adding a whole new search option for standing Pilates and Yoga classes.

You aren’t just another membership number with MerryBody. You’re on this journey with us… and every other member. So when you have a question, a request or need some advice we are available.

When you’re a member and you ask for something, we are always open to hear your idea. And we will listen and we will make changes… this is the magic of MerryBody!

In the interim, until we have our ‘standing’ search section… here’s a list of 5 of our most favourite standing Pilates classes from MerryBody Studio.

5 Standing Pilates Classes

Rise queen

Will all the MerryBod queens please stand up?! It’s time for you to rise into your power and feel that Pilates burn all at once! We stand for the entire class, so get ready for those legs to burn! Squats, toe taps, standing splits and booty drops, what more could you want? Crowns at the ready…

Get high go low

This quick 10 minute MerryBody Pilates class will really get your heart racing, perfect for when you’re a little short on time. You’ll squat, curtsey and lunge it out. Feel your booty catch alight and create that inner confidence with this sweat making class. No doubt you’ll have a smile on your face for the entire 10 minutes!

Kick it 

16 minutes of heart racing fun! Get ready for knee lifts, leg kicks and wide squats! This class will transform your body and get you out of that comfort zone and into the magic zone. Finish off with a bonus Plank and Down Dog sequence and you have a killer workout!

Ultimate arms

Are you ready for the ultimate arms class? Get ready to feel the burn, to build the strength and open your heart all at once! There’s an option to add 500g-1kg weights OR you can use cans of food (make sure they’re the same weight!). Weight For It Pilates is going to be one of your new faves!

Quick 10 total body 

Are you ready for a total body workout?! In just 10 minutes we work the legs, booty, abs, arms and side body! Bring on the squats, the hip swings (oh so fun), side body crunches, shoulder flies and bent over rows. Get ready to feel the heat, the burn and the smiles. 

Leg day baby 

It’s leg day baby and whoever said you need to squat 30 kg plus to get that butt lift is missing out on the magic of Pilates! From squats to lunges to standing splits and downward dog leg lifts! This workout is filled with dynamic movement and some can be quite tough! As we always say, listen to your body and take modifications when required. 

Ok there are also some fingertips and hands on the earth in this class… but still a great class if you don’t want to put any pressure on your knees! 

Booty barre inspired

This class is coming to the Studio library super soon! Hehe, here’s a little sneak peek. Get ready to sweat and have some fun! This MerryBody Pilates class is Barre inspired, which means you’ll need a chair or table to do this class. This is the ultimate total body workout that not only tones and strengthens your body but also increases your flexibility!

If you’re not a member but you’d love to try a MerryBody class… HEAD ON OVER HERE and see what we are about. 

MerryBody is an empowering, energizing and entirely flexible way of working out. For the first time in a long time, actually enjoy working out and prepare to be HOOKED on feeling amazing.

With the MerryBody Method, you will go from dreading exercise to enjoying and being excited by it. 

Any questions? Always feel free to get in touch, we’re here to help!

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla 

P.s you can experience 7 Days of MerryBody at no cost! Sign up here!


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